If you don’t pay for something, you shouldn’t be able to partake in what is going on.

For example, back in the days of people going to people’s houses to watch boxing and wrestling pay-per-views, we used to host a lot of them my parents would always ask any adult that came to bring something to help offset how much these things were. Once, we had someone that just saw something going on at someone’s house come in and sit down. Nobody knew who the hell he was.

We ended up having to call the police because he effectively broke and entered. Now, should my mom have given that guy a to-go bag?

Illegal immigrants will also be receiving their piece of California’s $7.6-billion COVID-19 relief bill, according to The Western journal. $470 million of the bill will go to 565,000 individuals who have tax ID numbers but did not get federal stimulus payments in the past and have incomes under $75,000. Biden and his fellow Democrats want to hand out our tax dollars like it’s candy.

Under The Trump administration, illegals were not eligible for federal stimulus checks. Of course they shouldn’t be! Biden and his gang of Lefties give illegal immigrants free money and then wonder why huge caravans are on their way to the border.

“This budget is going to be creating long-term obligations to the undocumented,” Nielsen said

“I think it’s a great step forward. It’s an acknowledgment of all these low-wage workers, that they are working hard and they have been disproportionately impacted through unemployment,” Democratic state Sen. Maria Elena Durazo said. “I think there is room to include more who are still not covered either by our state or by the federal programs.”

“This doesn’t cover all of the relief they have been excluded from, and we are creating inequality as a result,” Sasha Feldstein said.
“More is needed to protect thousands of undocumented workers left out,” added Fanelly Millán.

“This governor arbitrarily and unilaterally decided to shut down mostly small business in this state and as a result many small businesses have already gone out of business,” he said.

The California stimulus plan doles out $2.1 billion in grants and waivers of fees for small businesses. About $2.3 billion goes directly to low-income residents.

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