In America, immigrants from every corner of the world are given improved living conditions. After migrants have crossed the southern border into the United States of America, federal authorities along the border collaborate with neighborhood hospitality groups to lodge up to 48 of them for the night. Families fleeing horrific conditions in other countries now have the chance to start over in America thanks to a new government program that costs upwards of $500,000 per month.

The migrant detention facility is no longer able to accommodate the influx of migrants who are unlawfully crossing the border in the vicinity, according to a recent article from Daily Mail that described their investigation into two border-area residences in El Centro, California.

Families that looking for asylum in America are given access to the rooms, with the help of FEMA and the State of California funded the program. The Ramada charges these organizations $90 per night for around 100 rooms, while Travelodge charges them $71 per night for an additional 90 rooms.

Meanwhile, similar programs are also being run out of five hotels in Texas and Arizona for an estimated $89 million. Immigration and law enforcement officials are running these hotels.

The approach is more humanitarian, however, in California. The staff from Catholic Charities San Diego and other support persons from the Department of Social Services have operated this program.

A thirty-one-year-old case manager from El Centro named Alberto Dilla talks about his experience, he said, “Every day, we get an email from Border Patrol telling us how many people they’re bringing, the van comes to the Ramada, and they have Covid tests. Anyone who is positive stays to quarantine there for ten days. Everyone else gets taken to the Travelodge where we give them food, a place to sleep and arrange travel for them to wherever they want to go.”

The humanitarian workers not only give the migrants a place to sleep, but also a bag of essential toiletries like soap and toothbrushes. The neighborhood Denny’s restaurant has also been so generous as to provide the starving migrants with lunch and dinner packs. These hotel shelters have been open for three weeks in California.

The Catholic charity workers also assist them in traveling to their eventual destination, not only providing these needy people with temporary shelter and supplies, they run shuttle services to Yuma and San Diego and collaborate with Miles4Migrants, an organization that uses donated air miles to facilitate travel for migrants.

Vino Pajanor, CEO of Catholic Charities San Diego, claimed that 712 migrants had thus far utilized the lodging services. Each day, on average, forty-eight people arrive.

The number of border crossings into El Centro has increased recently. 21,759 lone individuals, 939 families, and 1,047 unaccompanied youngsters crossed into America in March 2021.

A call telling her that “It was time to cross into America”, by a family member in Boston gave Yorevelis Garcia, a 35-year-old Venezuelan single mother a signal to pack her things.

“My cousin [in Boston] called me a few days ago and said the coyotes [traffickers] are saying Title 42 is over and it’s time to come, She said now is the time, so I grabbed a backpack and my daughter and came to the border,” she said.

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