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NFL superstar Larry Fitzgerald shows fellow disrespectful players the proper time to kneel during a football game.

Larry Fitzgerald

Last NFL season 49ers second string quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, decided that the proper way to show support for minority’s in America was by disrespecting the country’s national anthem and the men and woman who represent the United States military in the act of kneeling while the star spangled banner plays before every game. This display of controversy may have raised awareness but it has come at the cost of Kaepernicks career in football and the integrity of NFL as a whole.

This Kaepernick free season has not been without controversy however as other players have decided to continue on with his display of disrespect.

One player, Larry Fitzgerald, is demonstrating a different approach where his decision to kneel comes at the time of injury when a teammate is in need of medical assistance. His kneel isn’t a show of defiance, but of faith and prayer for the recovery of a friend.

Via The Wild Card:

During the Cardinals season opener against the Detroit Lions, the 10-time Pro Bowler was one of the few 7 bright spots for Arizona in a 35-23 defeat.

But it wasn’t his stats that set him apart; it was the moment he took a knee in the middle of the game.

Early in the third quarter, Arizona running back David Johnson took crushing a blow from Lions’ safety Glover Quin. Johnson laid on the field as trainers rushed to his side.

With Johnson on ground, Larry Fitzgerald came to his side as he took a knee next to Johnson and reached out to touch his foot as he said a prayer over his teammates injury.

The move comes at a time when the league’s TV ratings have taken a huge hit since the start of last year, due in part to fans who aren’t happy with players taking a knee as a form of protest during the national anthem.

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