There are many reasons why the American people have disdain for the mainstream media and its arrogance is one of them.

According to Washington Post White House Correspondent Ashley Parker, Trump supporters don’t care about the so-called ‘Trump-Russia collusion’ narrative because Russian names are difficult and they can’t keep track of only eight people.

Video via NN News

Host Hallie Jackson discussed a panel of Trump supporters she sat down with in Virginia.

“What they didn’t talk a lot about was Russia, you bring it up and then the sense is ‘well maybe that is a concern, but not at the top of my mind,’” Jackson admitted.

Jackson then rolled footage of a Trump voter named Lori Valantiejus saying, “Everybody has said there is nothing illegal about what he did. It might have been a stupid choice, but we all make stupid choices.”

Hallie Jackson then asked Parker if the media should scale back its coverage of the so-called Trump-Russia collusion story.

“No, the reporters report on news and are going to continue to uncover that, but I do think it is worth remembering in the beltway…what doesn’t matter to voters,” said Parker.

“And in a way it’s understandable that Russia is not the most trenchant issue, it’s not related to their day-to-day lives, if they can drop their kids at daycare, if they can put food on the table, and it’s very complicated.”

“These names are incredibly hard to pronounce, there’s lots of confusing connections, there’s now eight people, they dripped out one by one, I mean there is not an easy narrative to take stock of.”

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