Was Pelosi Caught Hiding That She Had A Massive Stroke?

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi gave President Joe Biden a rave review in light of his botched withdrawal from Afghanistan that left 13 American service members dead.

Pelosi the clown said, “Let me just say about our president, President Biden…President Biden is…It’s so…we’re so fortunate that he did not win for president before when he ran because we needed him now. He’s perfect for now, He knows his foreign policy he was chair of the foreign policy committee he’s been…extends the hands of friendship to friend and foe alike in order to have communication…He understands the value of that, he is…he knows and is known by most leaders.”

I mean, seriously?

She is clearly out of her mind. It’s just like 2 persons with bad dementia admiring each other. How could she even say that with a straight face?

Here’s how Wayne Dupree described Pelosi,” Pelosi looks and sounds like she’s had a severe stroke. Her words are slurred, her face looks drawn, and she’s making some of the strangest hand movements ever…even by her standards.”

I can agree, actually.

Watch it here: Youtube/ GOP War Room

This may just be a clear sign that these Dems are so scared when it comes to Joe’s leadership. As Pelosi was trying so hard to convince the American people that Joe Biden is a mastermind when it comes to foreign policy.

Just like how they try so hard to keep Joe Biden’s mental health not an issue wherein fact, it is.

Could this country get any worse? God help us.

Source: Wayne Dupree