Time to do an inventory of your cabinets and remove this product for health and safety purposes.

Although no injuries or illnesses have been reported, Bushes beans has placed a recall on three versions of their product due to a quality issue with the packaging. It has been discovered that the tin can seams are faulty, this issue has since been addressed and corrected for future production.

Via Fox News:

The makers of a popular baked beans brand are recalling three varieties of the product over defective side seams on the cans. Bush Brothers and Company included 28-ounce cans of Brown Sugar Hickory Baked Beans, Country Style Baked Beans and Original Baked Beans, Fox 10 reported.

The affected products are stamped with a “best by” date of June 2019. In a July 22 statement posted to its website, the company said the discovery is a quality issue that has since been corrected, and no illnesses had been reported.

Those who purchased the recalled products are encouraged to throw it away, or contact consumer relations at 1-800-590-3797.

Safety first folks, paying attention to recalls can prevent serious injuries and illness from affecting you and your family.


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