ALLEN WEST – The case against the minimum wage is easy to make when it comes to small businesses. Many are just scraping by, and common sense tells us that minimum wage hikes can substantially cut into their ability to operate profitably.

But what about those companies bringing in billions? Liberals certainly are rhetorically strong when they tell the story of billion-dollar companies paying low wages. Surely THEY of all people can afford it, right?

Such reasoning is an appeal to ignorance of the average person’s understanding of business. The average American thinks the average business has a 36 percent profit margin – which is 5.5 times higher than what it actually is (6.5 percent).
WalMart’s profit margin is less than half of what the average businesses is – a measly 3.1%.

So no, when a company is pocketing only three cents on the dollar, a hike in the minimum wage will cause a substantial disruption in the way they operate. The latest evidence to prove this comes out of Los Angeles.

As Breitbart reported:

Los Angeles residents of impoverished Chinatown were shocked to learn on January 17 that the Walmart they pleaded for years to get would be shut down at 7 p.m. Sunday evening due to the city’s new $15 minimum wage ordinance, and union harassment.

Crowds flocked to the store for lower food costs, substantially cheaper pharmaceuticals, and even ethnic offerings. But labor leaders immediately started protesting against the store for refusing to unionize, even though 100 Walmart employees refused to sign union cards.

According to Movement organizer Brooke Anderson, “As people deeply committed to environmental and climate justice, we condemn Walmart as a climate criminal and we stand side-by-side with Walmart’s workers organizing for $15 per hour, full time work, and the respect they deserve.”

During last summer’s union-led “Fight For 15” minimum wage movement in Los Angeles, Walmart was demonized on giant banners proclaiming, “Walmart Wages War on Workers” and “Walmart Wages War on Planet Earth.”

But after succeeding in pushing through a minimum wage that was set to start on January 1 at $10 an hour and jump in steps to $15 in 2018, unions and liberals have begun to panic that spiking wages might actually cause the 15 percent rate of unemployment among those with a high school diploma or less to rise.

The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s most recent in-depth analysis on minimum wage hikes estimated that President Obama’s proposed federal minimum wage increase from $7.25 to $10 an hour would raise wages for 16 to 24 million people, but would also kill 500,000 existing jobs.

Breitbart News reported in late July that local union bosses want their locals exempted from the law, since businesses were already making plans to cut employee head count.

It didn’t even take a $15 minimum wage to kill Los Angeles’ Walmart – it just took the fact that it was going to happen in the future. That fact alone should confirm the minimum wage truly does kill jobs, and it’s not as affordable as populists on the left would like us to think.

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    • littlemike

      Indeed it is. That’s what the liberal lunatics are all about. They got a lot of nerve calling anybody “criminals.”

  1. a view from street level

    if I was Walmart I would say fuck liberals who don’t have any businesses to raise the min wage and make a profit we are moving out of California and taking the jobs with us so sit on that you stupid ass holses. these do goober liberals don’t understand the laws of building a business or what it takes to make a business run
    they all have free money and didn’t have to work for it once again they will destroy the free market by trying to buy votes from ignorant lowlifes

    • Judy

      Because they have never had to work some where other than 1 of the floors in Washington. Days work would kill them

      • Terray

        That’s really stretching it! They may have only had jobs in Washington but I wouldn’t say they worked. They’re all pretty much useless. We voted them in to work for the American people but they’ve never understood that principle! Me or anyone I know has never had a job that you could nothing and not be held accountable! If I read right Congress got together on Obummer Care and voted themselves the Obama better goodies while deleting those from the regular everyday American. That makes me proud! We get sick and can’t get the help we need but Congress gets sick and they get all the perks of the Obama Care! This must be their way of decreasing population. Congress works when it’s good for them!

    • david bastien

      f walmart they are all about money like their owner who moved the rams their he did not make billions off of 3cents of ever dollar

      • David Peters

        The owner of Walmart does not own the Rams. Get your facts correct.

      • Mike

        Sam Walton and Walmart has been in business longer than you have been alive. Walmart is an international corporation with stores all over the world. 3 cents on the dollar is very reasonable for a corporation the size of Walmart to make billions. Nike, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, etc. are no different. You are just anyother stupid dumbass liberal that expects something for nothing. You do not have any worth or bring anything to the table. Stay in your mammas basement, you are way too stupid to go out in public, dumbass!

  2. Frank L

    The thing is. if the people working at Walmart or anywhere else for that matter wanted a higher paying job, they should do like the rest of the world. work hard, get an education and use it to make more money. Enough of the free rides. Sure, we need to make a living, but the jobs at McDonalds and other fast food stores, were mainly a job that someone (usually teenagers) but also some retired folks had to get by. I have worked since I was 7 years old (I had 2 newspaper routes and went on to work in a few fast food places, while going to school and then ended up going into the military, got an education and went on to make a nice wage, sure, I could make more but at this point in my life, I really don’t want to nor do I need to.

    • Rich Lund

      My story was similar to yours. I worked all through college and medical school. No one stepped up to help me.
      Especially not the govt.

    • JW

      Right on… you have the opportunities to succeed…but you gotta do the work. Success is not an entitlement.

  3. Joann

    Parents and teachers are not teaching our young people that they will not be paid 15.00 an hour with no experience and no hope of having some responsibility. They live in la la land and think they deserve what they want.Well welcome to the real world.

  4. Steve

    Can some one please tell me why employers can’t raise prices and products 20% to cover the higher wages when National average for labor is 23% to revenue…??? PLEASE some one tell me. !!! …. making those already getting inflation wages such as Police & Fire. (cause their unions have kept them up with inflation) ..having to pay 20% more … then with all the business employers will have to hire more people… and entitlements will go down allowing the Gov. to increase Social Security (who is so fare behind inflation to give them a 40% raise) ……………

    • James

      I think you are missing the point. If you raise the wage to 15 dollars an hour then raise the products 20% you are no better off than when you made 10 dollars an hour. It cause more to live when products go up. Wake your liberal butt up and smell the roses.

    • Gene

      You might want to add most Federal workers to that list! They are also unionized which is, in my opinion, illegal!….lets see, federal employees are being paid with my taxes and they are unionized? Who is the largest Democrap contributor? Oh, yes, unions!
      Strange but true…………….just sayin’—–Gene

    • Gambler7

      What an idiot you are! If you raise the price of goods that much then any additional dollars made from a pay raise will be spent buying those products so that cancels that. Why not make the minimum wage $30? Then everyone would have lots of money. Of course a loaf of bread would cost $9 because the bakers, packagers, delivery driver’s, stock persons and cashiers need their $30 an hour. Of course if the unions get involved then wages would probably hit $45 an hour. How else would those union bosses make those million dollar salaries/ bonuses? Unions, like the Democrat Party exist to be shit disturbers and rip off the truly stupid with their promises of the moon. Obviously you got hold of some Common Core education either that or you are the most idiotic fool among many!

      • Sue

        Bravo. Great lesson. Now if someone would only listen to you and the rest of us that know the truth.

      • Ken

        That’s also why you can’t buy a $2000 car for less than $20,000. No reason a person putting lugnuts on a new car should be making $100k(wages plus bonuses) a year.

  5. peachy

    its all about control… as businesses are forced to close… government has another foothold.. Hitler all over again.. control health care ( obozo care) .. control guns ( UN resolution H Clinton ) .. control the media ( liberal bias ).. control the food supply (EPA) control education ( common core) and when you close out business…you control people.. forcing them to rely on the what… yes the government… pushing and shoving closer and closer to socialism where everything is owed and controlled by the government…Venezuela is a great example here in the past 2 years… but Americans are to stupid to resist because they have become complacent.

  6. BB

    The prices are already up and will continue to go up won’t matter if you raise the minimum wage or not’s called greed people..the spread has increased every year since Reagan and it’s going to continue..until something drastic happens and in which the only ines that it will not really effect are …the rich and powerful has nothing to do your with education or hard work or just doing the right thing’s about fighting for yourself and your neighbors..your community..this me attitude has to stop or it’s just going to get worse ..corporates ,politicians and conglomerates don’t give a rats ass about you! keep believing this dribble about economics and trickle down ..they are laughing at you..just keep believing that you are irreplaceable..damn morons

  7. Donald Whitwam

    This country was founded on small business and to raise the minimum wage to the astronomical amount of $15 per hour will kill this country. you think times are bad now wait Washington will be screwing them selves as well . I paid thousands of dollars to go to college and I was only making $14 per hour on my last job to start.


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