Donald Trump is a reasonable guy, and to be honest he probably would have worked with Nancy Pelosi if for one second she would have wanted to work with him.

She is the type of person that comes in hostile to everything and at the end of the day, it’s a surprise that even liberals want anything to do with her due to this stubbornness.

The unwillingness to hear any viewpoint other than our own is something that we don’t need in someone like the Speaker of the House. Trump tried in his four years in office to listen to everyone, but someone like Nancy Pelosi will just stick her head in the sand.

Now that the New World Order officially assumed control and canceled the Constitution, the last American President sent a parting letter to alleged lawmaker Nancy Pelosi, informing her of an amendment to a Trump administration Executive Order. Rule of law no longer exists but the insidious Chinese threat is stronger than ever.

By tying their civilian companies to military objectives, China tricks American investors into funding Chinese military projects. President Donald Trump called them out on it in November and since he wasn’t taken as seriously as he should have been then, he took further steps to tighten security.

He mailed off a letter to Nancy Pelosi explaining what he did and why. It’s up to the open borders conspirators in Congress and the White House usurpers to follow up on it now. Either way, Trump did his part and warned the world of a growing threat nobody seems to care about. “I have issued an Executive Order taking further steps to deal with the threat posed by the People’s Republic of China.”

On Wednesday, President Donald Trump sent a letter to the Speaker of the House “informing her of his actions.” He amended an executive order issued in November advising “divestment” of funding for Chinese Communist Military companies in the United States.

It didn’t do enough to stop the threat so it’s now illegal to buy or sell stocks or other investments related to any of the growing number of companies identified as working for the Chinese military in disguise.
“The time for divestment is over,” the president wrote in his letter. From now on there will be no “buying or selling, and the Secretary of Defense and Secretary of Treasury will determine wrongdoing.”

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