Virginia Imam Sends Shock Wave Through Community With Call for Female Genital Mutilation

Religious sermons are going way to far at some Islamic centers throughout the country.

Yes America allows freedom of religion, however that does not give members of any religion the right to break federal laws. Female genital mutilation may be accepted in other parts of the world but in America it’s considered a federal felony. Therefore to preach about how to properly perform such a barbaric act seems to give the listener an idea that if done the right way this act isn’t illegal. Wrong!

Via IJR:

Shaker Elsayed is an imam at the Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center in Falls Church, Virginia. And he’s making headlines for what he was caught saying in a sermon.

In a video shared by MEMRI TV, Shaker endorses female genital mutilation.

Elsayed says:

“Circumcision is for the boys. And the honorable thing to do — if needed — for the girls. This is something that a Muslim gynecologist can tell you if you need or not.

The Prophet … there used to be a lady that used to do this for women, I mean young girls. She is expected to only cut the tip of the sexual sensitive tip part in the girl so that she is not hypersexually active. This is the purpose.”

The Islamic preacher goes on to say that you shouldn’t cut more than the tip because if you do, you will damage the “sexual life of the child” when she grows up. In addition, he explains that the reason the practice has a bad name is that people who aren’t trained to do it in Muslim-majority countries “cut more than needed.”

While female genital mutilation does happen around the world, it remains a federal felony in the United States. In April, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala was arrested in Michigan for performing the brutal act on girls as young as 6 years old.

This is why America has the separation of church and state. So radical sermons that lead to radical behavior can be stopped without offending a particular religion.