VIDEO: She Said “WATCH THIS” Then She Pulled On The Couch. What Happened? I NEED THIS!

More and more Americans are trading up spacious homes to live in smaller affordable housing.

Many people living in cities are forced to figure out how to live comfortably in urban apartments with limited space.

The company Resource Furniture is in the business of developing compact and transformative furniture that is space saving.

The company imports the functional and stylish furniture from Italy. You will be amazed at the genius products that save so much space.

The company has coffee tables that pop up into desks and wall desks that fold into beds. A big specialty of the company are murphy beds.

Resource Furniture has functional options like a work desk that pulls down into a queen size bed, complete with box spring and memory foam mattress.

Also, the company has produced a murphy bed that is completely undetectable upon first look in the room.

The bed sits behind a wall that is shared with a book shelf.

The book shelf unit slides forward and then spins and on the other side is a pull down bed.

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