If You Have Any Of These VHS Tapes, You Could Be Sitting On Thousands Of Dollars

Remember when VCRs were cutting-edge technology. Everyone wanted one and they were truly groundbreaking. Not only did they allow families to watch movies as home easily and affordably, they also allowed you to tape your favorite programs and on-tv movies. They were great. But like anything, they eventually became obsolete and worthless. Or did they?

Because collectors are eager to grab a slice of nostalgia, they are paying top dollar for certain VHS tapes that you probably have in your collection. If you ever bought Walt Disney movies, then you want to keep reading. Some of these old VHS tapes are worth a small fortune and all you have to do to cash in is sell yours online or at an auction.

Below we are going to go through some VHS tapes that have sold for a pretty penny. We’ll describe you what you need to look for when valuating your copies.

Dumbo: This Walt Disney Classic was a hit back when it came out. But now the VHS is selling for upwards of $2,800 on eBay. If you want to cash in, you need to have the copy of the movie with the Walt Disney signature on it as well as the green triangle with the letter ‘U’ in it.

Aladdin: This classic movie from the 1990s was a hit for fans across the globe. Featuring an iconic role from Robin Williams as the genie, “Aladdin” was a huge success. But users are looking for a very specific copy of the VHS movie. Those with the Black Diamond copy can find buyers willing to drop up to $10,000 for this 1993 VHS.

Cinderella: Look for this “Walt Disney Classic” in your collection and cash in big. Last June a Black Diamond copy of this film sold for $5,000.

The Jungle Book: If you’re looking to cover your bare necessities, then sell a copy of this Walt Disney movie. With buyers spending about $1,000 on it, The Jungle Book could cover your food for several months.

Beauty and the Beast: A gold mine waiting to be bought, a copy of this Disney movie sold for $17,000. Now that’s a huge amount of money for anyone looking to retire early.

The Fox and the Hound: This 1981 classic is a great copy to sell for a lot of cash. While it isn’t even a movie many remember, this movie about friendship recently sold for $10,000.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: The first movie Walt Disney ever made is going to be worth something. Many different editions exist. But the 1994 Masterpiece Collection Edition will fetch you about $1,000.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Even if you hated this particular film, you might change your tune on it when it brings in $1,500 on eBay. Just snap a picture and post it onto the auction website and people can start bidding on it.

Are you going to search through your VHS collection now for hidden gems? Do you have a collection of old Disney movies in VHS?

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