On the heels of a horrific video showing a much larger male teen beating a 9-year-old girl on a school bus earlier this month, yet another vicious beating on a school bus was caught on cellphone video, WFOR-TV reported.

Like the first beating, this one also took place in Miami-Dade County, the station said.

Johanna Velez told WFOR her daughter — a special-needs student at Cutler Bay Middle School — was attacked by two girls while riding the bus home on Feb. 3.

“That should’ve not happened,” Velez noted to the station. “My daughter should’ve been protected.”

From The Gateway Pundit report:

Cutler Bay, Florida – Video obtained by a CBS News Miami reporter Thursday shows a female student from Cutler Bay Middle School in Florida being brutally assaulted by two larger girls on a school bus.

To make matters even worse, the victim is a 15-year-old special needs child. CBS News Miami reported that the incident took place on February 3rd, which was on a Friday.

The video starts with the child desperately trying to fend off a large black girl before getting overpowered. The bus driver can be heard shouting “hey, hey, hey” but makes only a half-hearted attempt to stop the beating.

Roughly 13 seconds into the video, another girl arrives to join the assault. CBS News Miami later identified this girl as the large black girl’s older sister. She does not attend the school.

The pummeling continues for another 13 seconds before the bus driver finally screams for Tiana, the first name of one of the assailants, to “get off this damn bus.”


More details of this report from  CBS News Miami :

“That should’ve not happened, my daughter should’ve been protected,” said Johanna Velez.

Velez said her daughter, who is a student with special needs at Cutler Bay Middle School, was attacked by two girls while riding the bus home last Friday.

Velez said a student on the bus attacked her daughter before that girl’s older sister, who doesn’t go to the school, hopped in and also started pummeling her.

“The bus driver left the bus door open, so another person came in, which was the sister of the little girl who goes to school with my daughter,” said Velez.

Adding insult to injury, it was the victim’s 15th birthday.

The brawl left the victim with a concussion and her mother with questions.

“I reached out on Saturday night to the principal of Cutler Bay Middle School and expressed what happened, and what I needed. I have not gotten a reply from him. So, I have not gotten no answers from nobody,” said Velez.

Now, Velez is taking matters into her own hands and hired an attorney.

“Enough with the deliberate indifference to student safety. You’re on notice, you’ve been on notice. We’re a week or less or right around a week since the awful Coconut Palm incident, and here we are with another bus assault. When will it end?” said attorney Joseph Montgomery.

Montgomery said he plans to serve the school with legal papers within the next few weeks.

Velez said her daughter is traumatized and will likely not return to Cutler Bay Middle School.

Sources: TheBeltwayReport, CBS News, WFOR-TV

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