One of the things I like about Tucker Carlson is that he seems more interested in telling people what is on his mind than telling people the things that they want to hear. We all have known people in our lives like that

He’s someone that we need more of in America, someone that is willing to tell folks exactly what he thinks of them and how the world really is.

That being said, there sure are a lot of people in the United States right now that are in need of someone like Tucker Carlson telling them off.

There have been a lot of rumors over Trump doing a show stopping, 11th-hour pardon.

The name on everyone’s list is Julian Assange, or maybe Edward Snowden, but according to reports, it looks like none that will be happening thanks to McConnell’s latest scheme.

Trump apparently received a warning from Mitch, advising him that if he were to pardon, for example Assange, then he will be more likely to face impeachment.

Check it out:

And it’s not just Tucker reporting on this.

Conservative pundit Brigette Gabriel also blasted Senate Republicans for this dirty trick.

@TuckerCarlson the impeachment is unconstitutional. No hearings. No response from the President. The Constitution only provides the power over office holders. Not former ones. They impeached him for SPEECH. Clearly unconstitutional. It’s also a bill of attainder.

Who the heck does McConnell think he is. Pardon Assange and let’s see the fireworks 🎆

idk, what does the constitution say about being blackmailed by Senators over Pardoning Illegally Detained Torture Victims Outside US Jurisdiction?

He should pardon Assange. At least one good deed before leaving the cesspool of DC.

The Establishment is SCARED of Assange.


It’s really despicable that in a point of time like this in our country, McConnell is more worried about keeping Assange silent then anything else.

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