Ouch! That’s a huge slap in the face for the Obamas..What a great way to replace a disaster with a legacy. I love this!

VIA| According to U.S. News, it appears that Donald Trump plans to give Michelle Obama’s office to someone other than the incoming first lady, Melania Trump. Ivanka Trump will be commanding that office, as she is set to take a more prominent role in the White House than first daughters normally take.

This may be a temporary move because the U.K. Daily Mail also stated that when Trump moves to Washington in January, Melania plans to stay behind in New York City — at least until their son Barron finishes the school year.

Ivanka Trump will be using the office space in the East Wing normally set aside for the first lady while Melania is away, according to CNN.

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What do you think of Trump’s decision on what to use Michelle’s old office for?

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  1. Brenda Smyrl

    I think Ivanka needs to stay home with her 3 babies & let her Daddy hold Michelle’s old office for 4 months while Melania & Barron finish his school year. Can U say “nepotism”? Ivanka has NO BUSINESS coming btwn Donald & zMelania!!!!

    • David Meek

      I think that President Trump, as the most powerful man on Earth (soon) has a right o pretty well do whatever he damn well pleases. There’s no way in hell that he can come anywhere close to being as bad as whatever that is that is leaving!


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