Imagine you got picked to do a job on short notice. You get picked a week or two before a big important project is supposed to begin.

People that don’t want you to succeed make fun of you. They poke fun at you for everything and anything and they poke at all your flaws and flubs.

Now, imagine you turn out to be a total success. You have every right to stick that right in the faces of people that told you that you would never be successful.

Michael Van der Veen is fed up with the political propaganda rhetoric and one-sided media spin. Former President Donald Trump’s defense attorney verbally sliced and diced CBS talking head Lana Zak and roasted her with a blaze of table-side flames like he moonlights as a chef for Benihana.

After a full seven minute rant that left the anchorwoman speechless, he dropped his microphone on the floor and walked away. This is one video you really do need to watch all the way until the end.

CBS News won’t be inviting Michael Van der Veen in front of their cameras anytime soon. He launched into a full seven minute rant about the propaganda they spew on a daily basis. The attorney demands to know why the media can’t tell the truth, or at least report issues fairly.

It all started when CBS talking head Lana Zak started asking loaded questions. The first one was whether Van der Veen may be part of Trump’s defense team should more charges be brought against the former president. He called the slanderous statement out as “political rhetoric” and that wasn’t even the beginning.

Trump had no part whatsoever in the insurrection, despite the liberal propaganda. The barbarian invasion that happened on “Q” that day was “horrific” but “what happened at the Capitol during this trial was not too far away from that.”

Not only was it a total “kangaroo court,” the prosecutors got caught doctoring the evidence and didn’t even bother to deny it when they got caught. When Zak tried to downplay the evidence, Van der Veen came unglued.

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