There are a lot of people out there that seem to act like there has only been attention paid to North Korea by politicians for the past couple of years since Little Kim began his daily ritual of executing one of his uncles and threatening someone with nuclear attack.

Liberals have pushed the narrative that President Donald Trump is ignorant of foreign affairs and has no real idea of what is going on in the world. But Trump just blew that whole narrative up with a video about what he said on North Korea about 18 years ago and it’s lighting up the internet.

People may not recall the history of engagement with North Korea. But the video tweeted by Trump is a pretty good summary of it.

From Conservative Tribune: The video begins with former President Bill Clinton announcing a deal the U.S. had reached with the Pyongyang dictatorship in 1994.

Clinton claimed the deal — which was called the “Agreed Framework” and essentially required the U.S. to trust that the North Korean regime would destroy its own nuclear reactors — was good for America and would prevent the rogue regime from obtaining nuclear weapons.

That deal, just like the Iran Deal, gave a false assurance that nuclear weapons efforts would stop but with no real way to ensure that it would.

Then comes a segment where Trump is being interviewed by ‘Meet the Press’ about 18 years ago. He criticizes the Clinton deal and says that the United States should never tolerate a nuclear North Korea. He notes that the United States needs to address the problem now or find themselves facing nuclear weapons aimed at it in the future.

“You want to do it in five years when they have warheads pointed all over the place, every one of them pointed at New York City or Washington?” Trump said in response to being asked how he’d respond to caution from U.S. military leaders. “It’s better to do it now.”

The video includes a clip of Fox News’ Jennifer Griffin reporting a month ago that North Korea can launch a missile over 7,500 miles, putting the U.S. mainland in range. Secretary of Defense James Mattis appears at the end of the clip, where he is also warning about the severity of the threat from regime.

And of course, Trump was correct.

Clinton and the subsequent presidents kicked the can down the road and just let North Korea go on building up its capability. They were even exchanging information with Iran but once again, Barack Obama didn’t call them out on that, lest that hurt the Iran Deal, which gave us nothing and Iran everything.

Trump has now implemented tough sanctions and is trying to hold North Korea to account.

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