One Picture Captures Who’s Really Behind The Trump-Russian Collusion “Investigation”

The Trump-Russia investigation is about as bogus as any reality show that you would see on television.

Sure, the people in charge of the investigation try to make it appear as if everything is going above board and they are actually investigating actual facts, but it’s about as fixed as things can get.

This begs the question, who is really in charge of this investigation into so called collusion.

The absolutely and disgustingly unfounded claims came about last year that President Trump was filmed with prostitutes in a Moscow hotel.

As we all know by now that was something that was bought and paid for by the Democratic Party that effectively told the authors to go nuts with it.

Honestly, if they would have told the Fusion GPS people that they wanted a report that Donald Trump had a secret lair in the middle of a volcano that likely wold have been in there too.

Yesterday, another bombshell was revealed by Rep. Jim Jordan on the Lou Dobbs show, when Jordan told Dobbs that he believes the FBI paid Christopher Steele, the creator of the Trump dossier and that they used it to obtain a FISA warrant to spy on Americans associated with the Trump campaign.

Jordon told Dobbs: “There are a couple of fundamental questions here. Did the FBI pay Christopher Steele? I asked that of the Attorney General two weeks ago he wouldn’t answer the question. Did they actually vet this dossier?… Because it’s been disproven, a bunch of lies, a bunch of National Enquirer garbage and fake news in this thing. Did they actually check it out before they brought it to the FISA Court which I’m convinced they did. And all of this can be cleared up if they release the application that they took to the court… I think they won’t give it to us because they did pay Christopher Steele. I think they did use the dossier as the basis for the warrants to spy on Americans associated with President Trump’s campaign. Strzok is the guy who took the dossier to the FISA Court.”

While Democrats are trying desperately to convince the public that Trump somehow colluded with Russian officials to defeat someone in the election that was about as popular as a rotten apple, proper journalists are trying to uncover where the real collusion took place.

Sadly, it seems more and more every day that it was a mix between the FBI, Obama’s DOJ and people working for Robert Mueller.