President Trump has allegedly discussed the desire to revoke the tax-exempt status of the odd religion known as Scientology.

Scientology is a strange religion that started in 1954 and has become well known thanks to the support of famous celebrity Tom Cruise.


Currently Scientology receives tax-exempt status thanks to the approval of an application that was most likely signed by the Conservative hating Lois Lerner who formerly worked at the IRS and illegally discriminated against Republican organizations that applied for tax exempt status through her office. Well rumor has it that President Trump has the desire to remove this privilege once and for all.

Via Fox News:

Lynne Patton, a friend of the Trump family and official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), told actress and Trump family friends Leah Remini, a former member but now outspoken critic of Scientology, that Trump wanted to revoke the church’s tax-exempt status, the Huffington Post reported.


Leah Remini

“From The moment I saw your series I told President Trump & his family we needed to revoke their tax exempt status. They couldn’t agree more, but please don’t publicize that yet,” Patton wrote to Remini in May. “This is going to get done in the next 4 years or I’ll die trying. Knock on wood!”

Patton responded to Remini’s email the next day stating, “I look forward to doing my part to help put an end to this ongoing nightmare and blatant misuse of our IRS rules & regulations. … I want to do more research on Scientology’s history with the IRS, to date, so that I can better understand what tactics have been applied and where we can pick up. Would you have any of this information handy? If not, I will obtain it from the agency directly, Kindly advise!”

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