Trump Postpones Pelosi’s Overseas Trip: ‘It Would Be Better if You Were in Washington Negotiating With Me’

President Trump wrote House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Thursday to tell her that her trip to Belgium, Egypt and Afghanistan has been postponed amid the government shutdown.

Pelosi normally uses a military plane for her overseas travel, so the President wrote her suggesting that she either postpone her trip or fly commercially.

President Trump ended the letter stating that he looked forward to seeing her and even more to “watching our open and dangerous Southern Border receive attention, funding and security it so desperately deserves.”

Read the full letter below:

Pelosi wrote President Trump earlier this week to either push the date of his State of the Union address forward or to provide it in written form.

Pelosi claimed that her reasons for wanting to push the Union Address forward was because of the government shutdown and “security concerns.”

Several liberal media outlets threw cold water on Pelosi’s unsupported claims.

Touché President Trump… Touché!


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