There are only so many instances that you can handle things in a dignified manner.

Even when you are the President of the United States, there are situations where you have to roll up your sleeves and get down in the mud.

Namely when someone who is supposed to be on the sidelines is attacking you each and every day. It’s one thing when someone that is in the game talks about you, but when someone that is off the field begins talking trash that is when all bets are off.

We have heard rumor after rumor about what is on Hunter Biden’s infamous hard drive from his laptop.  We hear that there are messages on the laptop that appear to implicate the former vice president to Obama in quid pro quo crimes … that is, if the contents of the laptop are authenticated to be genuine.

The fact that the Biden camp has yet to deny the provenance of the laptop is making many people suspect the emails and text messages are, in fact, genuine. Democrats, like Adam Schiff, have accused the release of the emails to be … you guess it, part of a ‘Russian disinformation’ plot, however, the Director of National Intelligence put that lie to bed very quickly.

Most of us are anxiously awaiting the next debate (provided that it actually occurs) between President Trump and Chinese puppet, Joe Biden.  Personally, I can not wait for Trump to POUND Biden on the accusations that have arisen from the email leaks.

Earlier today, President Trump finally began addressing the laptop and its contents in a speech in Carson City, Nevada. Trump signaled that the worst is yet to come for the Biden klan, in this unauthorized expose into the life and times of Hunt*r and Joe Biden …

President Donald Trump called Hunter Biden’s laptop, which ended up in the possession of intrepid citizen patriot Rudy Giuliani, the “laptop from Hell” and teased, “Let’s see what happens with it.” President Trump made his comments Sunday evening at his rally in Nevada.

Speculation swirls regarding the contents of the laptop that have yet to be released. The New York Post published some revelations, sparking a massive scandal. Already, the public knows that Hunter was raking in cash with the complicity of Joe Biden as the pair trotted the globe making deals with foreign oligarchs.

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