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SOURCE | A clever and competent reader sent me this story, posted on FB by a fellow by the name of Scott Koteskey about his experience on a flight from Baltimore to Seattle, and you have to see it for yourself to believe the amazing amount of seahaggery shown by this ridiculous woman towards her fellow flight passenger.

Backstory and video below.

Look – it is really sad that her husband’s mom just died, but that doesn’t excuse her from acting like a wretched hag. And I’m mortified on BEHALF of her husband. And I’m amazed at how calmly the flight attendant remained during that whole encounter. And I’m just so delighted that she got booted off the flight.

Here’s that video.

She is plenty old enough to understand that there are consequences for your actions. And she got what was coming to her. I hope this goes completely viral and that she learns a valuable lesson, because her behavior was inexcusable.

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12 Responses

  1. Tony

    Thank you for sharing this–sorry you had to put up with it. Unfortunately, their was no video on my page.

  2. Ken

    Thank you for staying calm, thank for giving respect to her even though she did not earn it. Why do progressive’s believe they have the only voice? Why when caught do they always play the victim card, never responsible for their actions.

  3. Bill Doyle

    This woman’s attitude and behavior is what is being demonstrated by all the loud mouth protestors. It’s all about them… they are spurning for a fight, but expect you to lay down not fight back. If these people do not grow up and shut the heck up, they are going to have to learn a lesson. This was a small lesson, others will get harsher.

  4. LSW

    I agree with everything she said, the majority of Americans are scared to death of the power Trump has at his fingertips! BUT, I also believe in treating everyone with the same dignity and respect as I would like to be treated. There are “loud mouth protesters” on both sides. Please do not judge all of those who you don’t agree with by this woman’s actions as you would not want to be judged the same as Trump when he says, “You can do anything… Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.” Or at least I hope not! Bottom line, it’s not about men/women, gays/straight, black/white, christian/muslim, pro/con, it’s about treating all Americans as equals and realizing that we are all uniquely different. Period!

    • John

      And what do you say about Billy boy who actually did it and worse? How about the progressives in California passing a law that makes prostitution legal for children under 18 years of age? Where do you draw the line? 13, 9, 5, how about 3 years of age? Could it be that all California democrats are secret Muslims? Where kind sir did you get your statistics on “the majority of Americans are scared to death of the power Trump has at his fingertips”? Do you really think we would be safer during one of Hillary’s temper tantrums? You liberals always amaze me…if you can think it or say it then it is the only true reality and that way for everybody, good, and so righteous. Reality and truth be dammed!!!

    • Denis Gaty

      So, you agree with “EVERYTHING” she had to say. Like puking in the guy’s lap? The man showed amazing restraint. IF someone said that to me, I might have countered with something less than cordial.

  5. Bill C

    Having flown over 500K miles and seeing many assholes like this lady, I am impressed by the restraint and professionalism of this flight attendant.

  6. Dana

    What is wrong with her and the people like her? Her poor husband. You could see he was trying to pretend he wasn’t with her. Congrats to the you who was being attacked by this loon for containing yourself with such dignity. I do not believe I would have been able to show such restraint.

    • Denis Gaty

      Dana, I was thinking the same thing. He was probably hoping for some peace and quiet without her. The poor guy probably got a call from her whining about how she was kicked off. There goes my peace and quiet. Prayers for the suffering that man has to go through during that ride.


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