Report: Trump Expected to Declassify DOJ and FBI Documents This Week.

The declassification of DOJ and FBI documents pertaining to the wire tap warrants on the former campaign aide Carter Page is expected to happen as early as next week. This could be the final blow to showing the illegitimacy of the Special Council. Justice official Bruce Ohr will be exposed in his inappropriate and bias role in the investigation into Trump’s campaign.

Lawmakers say that Ohr played an improper role within the DOJ. His mediation between the author of the phony dossier, Christopher Steele and the opposition research company Fusion GPS, where his wife also worked is obviously inappropriate.

Breitbart reports:

Ohr’s wife, Nellie, also worked for Fusion GPS at the same time, and she reportedly was paid $45,000 for her work on the dossier. The dossier formed the bulk of an application for a surveillance warrant on Page, yet Ohr and his wife’s role was reportedly obscured from the court granting the warrant.

Declassifying the applications on wire tapping Carter page will reveal Bruce Ohr and his wife’s improper role in starting this entire investigation. Ohr, himself never disclosed the fact that his wife worked for Fusion GPS on any federal forms. Ohr and his long time acquaintance Christopher Steele played a major role in pushing the dossier forward within the FBI and DOJ.

Ohr recently testified in front of  the House Judiciary and Oversight and Government Reform Committees behind closed doors and it is reported that Ohr admitted that the dossier was “raw and uncorroborated hearsay.” Any semi-intelligent person can see that this was a set up from the get go. Just follow the money and the people who had no business in this investigation.

Sadly, the left’s complete hatred of Trump will blind them from even caring about the truth. All the left cares about is getting Trump out of office and they don’t care if it takes lies and manipulation to do it either. This is sad. I hope this stops the phony special council once and for all.

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