I remember when I was in the military there was a discussion among some of us one time about someone in the present-day apologizing for something that happened a hundred or more years ago.

We had someone that posed the argument that while nobody should act the way these people acted a hundred years ago, it was illogical that someone actually apologizes because none of the people that were in the room were alive when it happened.

There are some people in our government now that want people that had nothing to do with an incident to apologize for it, or to say sorry simply for who they are.

With the Obama 2.0 administration firmly in charge, courtesy of the Deep State and their unlimited New World Order resources, Barack Obama’s favorite CIA Director, John Brennan, is demanding that deplorable renounce their beloved Donald Trump and publicly beg for mercy.

The first step of the scheme is silencing anyone still under the mistaken impression that the First Amendment remains in effect. Anyone daring to try to continue exercising it, or Soros forbid, hint about using the Second, will be off to camp faster than they can say FEMA.

John Brennan calls patriotism ‘malignancy’

Barack Obama’s CIA Director is so slimy that even the Democrats don’t like him. Liberal Glenn Greenwald called him an “inveterate, pathological liar” and “security state goon.” Even so, he got tapped to announce the Deep State position.

Brennan made it crystal clear on the social media platform Twitter, which already banned President Trump for life, that anyone who doesn’t drink the Kool Aid is in for trouble. They want nothing less than total surrender from all deplorable patriots before they start thinking they can defend the Constitution or something.

In a tweet Saturday, which BizPacReview called “Maoist-like,” Brennan tapped out “Anyone now seeking national redemption by claiming to no longer support Trump must acknowledge how wrong it was to ignore & enable his corrupt, dishonest, & divisive agenda.” He then added, “Total denunciation of a despot’s legacy is necessary to eradicate any remaining malignancy.”

Since when is election integrity, secure borders, attempts to stomp on corruption, and generally working to Make America Great Again corrupt, dishonest or divisive? It’s only divisive to the Deep State. he doesn’t spell it out but what he ends up saying is that patriotic defense of the Constitution and the American way of life is “a malignancy” to be cut out of Democrat society like a cancer.

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