AMAZING: Tebow Spends Time With WWII Veteran at Hurricane Shelter

Former NFL quarterback turned minor league baseball player, Tim Tebow, was recently the audience for a special performance while he visited a Florida shelter for Hurricane Irma victims.

Tim Tebow may have played for several teams around the country but he was raised in Jacksonville, Florida before leaving to play for the University of Florida. In the wake of Hurricane Irma Tebow has stepped up to show true support for his fellow statesman by visiting the special medical needs shelter where he met a true inspiration. Despite the tragedies one World War II veteran brightened everyone’s mood with a harmonica performance he shared with Tim Tebow during his visit.

Tim Tebow

Via Fox News:

As Florida begins its recovery from Hurricane Irma, Tim Tebow is doing his part to help victims and evacuees.

On Monday, Tebow spent time with a World War II veteran at a shelter for those with special medical needs.

Tebow posted a video to Twitter of him meeting the vet, who treated his famous visitor to a tune on his harmonica.

Watch Here:

Tebow later posted a photo with Red Cross aid workers at the shelter.

Tim Tebow

It’s truly amazing to witness celebrities such as Tim Tebow and JJ Watt of the Houston Texans come out and show true support to the states that have been destroyed by not one, but two consecutive category five hurricanes. Supporting our fellow Americans from all walks of life is the only way our country will recover from such devastation and be able to rebuild in a healthy and constructive manner. Times like these are when the rest of the world sees the true strength and the United States is capable of.

Congratulations to JJ Watt who managed to not only raise his goal of $200,000 but surpass it on a monumental scale as the donations reach the 12 million dollar mark.