Gang-bangers in Louisiana say they’ll kill the President over their food stamps.

Surprising? Not really.

It’s Baton Rouge, where the local thugs walk the streets, wear gold chains, $300 Jordans, and need the community’s help with feeding their children and themselves.

Perhaps it may be easier to just pawn the valuables..but why would they do that?

That’s just simply not fair….

Here’s a resident of the Sherwood Forest area in Baton Rouge. He says he’s going to declare war on Donald Trump for taking his mama’s food stamps.

Do you think he practices at the range?

***WARNING** – Extremely graphic language.

Pretty cool right? Standing in a park brandishing loaded pistols and rapping senselessly about you’re going to kill the President over your mama’s food stamps–He’s truly a champion to the black community, this guy.

The Pathetic Irony

If these thugs made this video about the local high school principal, they could be arrested for a terrorist threat.

In fact, in Charleston, Illinois, a student was just arrested for comments he made on his Facebook page.

An 18 year-old is behind bars after police say he threatened to kill a high school official. Police say Andrew Watts was arrested Friday for threats on the assistant principal’s life. Now he could be looking at felony charges.

It all started on social media. Police says watts made the comments in a public conversation on Facebook. A concerned parent caught wind of it and told the school who interpreted the comments as a threat on the assistant principal’s life. People in town say it’s unsettling to hear.

Andrew Watts’ criminal record could be marked with a felony before he even graduates high school. For some it’s a shock.

Debra Clark of Charleston says, “It’s pretty surprising to me in this small community. Charleston has a really great school district.”

Yet, the aforementioned thugs threatened the President of the United States and it’s acceptable?

Welcome to 2017, ya’ll….



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