Female Thug Records Herself On SnapChat Attempting To Murder Young Victim

Straight savage. I am glad I grew up in a time and place where stuff like SnapChat didn’t exist. This is getting out of control.

Check this out…Hood rat chick decides to SnapChat the attempted murder of a young girl she had ‘beef’ with. Sounds reasonable right? It’s 2016. Anything does…

VIA| We’ve seen some CRAZY Snapchat videos, but nothing and we mean NOTHING prepared us for the f*ckery that we saw in the below video – created by a Los Angeles woman who goes by the name Pretty Hoe on Instagram.

Apparently she was having a disagreement with a young lady – and she decided to pull a gun on her and try and murder her. And she did the shooting LIVE ON SNAPCHAT.

Check out the crazy video.


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