Straight savage. I am glad I grew up in a time and place where stuff like SnapChat didn’t exist. This is getting out of control.

Check this out…Hood rat chick decides to SnapChat the attempted murder of a young girl she had ‘beef’ with. Sounds reasonable right? It’s 2016. Anything does…

VIA| We’ve seen some CRAZY Snapchat videos, but nothing and we mean NOTHING prepared us for the f*ckery that we saw in the below video – created by a Los Angeles woman who goes by the name Pretty Hoe on Instagram.

Apparently she was having a disagreement with a young lady – and she decided to pull a gun on her and try and murder her. And she did the shooting LIVE ON SNAPCHAT.

Check out the crazy video.


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  1. NightWisp

    Nothing like filming the evidence of your crime and putting it nation wide. No trial necessary. Just sentence,

  2. Mm

    Totally ignorant! What hope is there for her type! Low IQ, no education! Who would hire her! What a parasite, a disgusting drain on society. She’s a fine example of why abortion needs to be free and easily accessible. Cut off welfare to these baby mom as soon they won’t reproduce.

  3. James P Degnan

    Seem as though part of her problem is that she was never taught to speak in full sentences and tends to overuse the word ‘bitch’. She will probably clean up a bit both physically and linguistically for her court date and get a reduced sentence or probation. Unfortunately, unless something miraculous happens she will serve a life sentence of being the moron in the video and will blame everyone and everything around her without taking even the slightest bit of responsibility. A huge part of the solution is for the women in those neighborhood to quit spreading their legs to every thug that happens by and for the men to step up to the plate and be responsible fathers and hopefully husbands. Pumping more and more money into situations and places like these is certainly not the answer.


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