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A high school wrestler’s incredible gesture after losing in the finals of the state championship brought the spectators watching to tears, and it’s really easy to see why.

After losing to Mitchell McKee in Minnesota’s 120-pound weight class, Malik Stewart did something that touched the hearts of people all over the Internet.

Rather than sulk in his defeat, he walked over to McKee’s father, Steve, and embraced him.

He congratulated the father on his son’s victory, and Malik demonstrated the true definition of the term ‘sportsmanship.’

Why was this so special?

Steve was battling terminal cancer, and Malik could relate to what his family was going through.

He had previously lost his father to a heart attack when he was just 7-years-old.

“It was a big match for him and to be able to hug my dad like that and not be mad and storm off like a lot of kids do,” McKee said. “Really respectful.”

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[Source: USA Today]

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