A woman has been criticized for wearing a crop top to a friend’s wedding, with many claiming the outfit was “inappropriate”.

In a bustling city called Melbourne, there was a beautiful and confident business executive named Olivia Burrows Sutherland. She was invited to a grand wedding, a celebration of love and unity between two families. As the day approached, she was filled with excitement, knowing that millions of people across the globe attend weddings with joy and anticipation.

However, in this vast world, where countless ceremonies take place, some guests inevitably make choices that others might deem inappropriate. And so began the tale of Olivia and her controversial wedding attire.

Being a resident of fashionable Melbourne, Olivia was always conscious of her appearance and eager to make a statement. She decided to consult her 73,000 followers on TikTok, a social media app, for advice on her wedding outfit.

In her video, Olivia revealed her last-minute purchase: a stunning rust-colored skirt from Zimmerman that cost her $525. She sought guidance on the perfect top to pair with it, considering either a black, thin-strapped crop top or a beige bandeau bra top, both showcasing her toned midriff.

The warm day of the wedding promised a chance for Olivia to dress comfortably in her chosen attire. However, the world of TikTok erupted with opinions, as people criticized her ensemble for being unfit for a wedding. Olivia was taken aback by the controversy but acknowledged that everyone had their own views on wedding guest attire.

She told news.com.au, “I understand that this is not a traditional wedding guest look. However, fashion has evolved, and two-piece sets have become popular options for guests to wear to events.” Olivia’s video went viral, garnering over 220,000 views and a myriad of comments.

Many viewers disapproved of her choice, saying the skirt was beautiful, but the tops were not suitable for a wedding. But amidst the sea of criticism, some supporters emerged, offering their own advice.

One kind soul suggested that Olivia wear the matching top with the skirt, as that would be the most appropriate for a wedding. Another reassured her that the beige top was simple and lovely, completely fitting for the occasion.

Despite the backlash, Olivia also received compliments on her fashion sense. One commenter said, “The skirt has so much presence, and I think the tops are suitable. Either color works well with the accessories.”

In the end, our protagonist Olivia learned that opinions are as diverse as the people who hold them, and what truly matters is finding the confidence to make one’s own choices. As the wedding day approached, she decided to follow her heart and wear whatever she felt most comfortable in, knowing that her fashion story had sparked a conversation that would be remembered for years to come.

WATCH the video below for more details:


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