A young woman’s first night out at a club takes a terrifying turn after accepting a drink from a stranger, resulting in a harrowing hospital experience.

Eighteen-year-old Millie Taplin from Southend, Essex, England, looked forward to her first night out at a club. However, the night took a terrifying turn, resulting in a heart-wrenching video of Millie lying in a hospital bed, her jaw locked, and her hands contorted like claws.

Millie’s mother, Claire, shared the video to raise awareness about the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers. The incident occurred at the MooMoo nightclub in Southend, where Millie was celebrating with friends. She reportedly accepted a drink from a man at the bar, but soon after consuming it, she found herself unable to walk or talk.

Millie Taplin

It is believed that the drink was spiked with an unknown substance, which left Millie in a horrifying state. The video and photos shared by her mother show her writhing in pain in the hospital bed, her jaw locked, and her hands locked into claw-like shapes.

Claire recounted the harrowing experience, stating, “It was horrendous, she looked possessed.” She expressed her gratitude for Millie’s friends, who took swift action when they realized something was wrong. Claire also urged others to share her post to increase awareness of the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers.

Millie Taplin

The doctors confirmed Claire’s suspicions, suggesting that Millie’s drink was likely spiked with two drugs—one to paralyze her and another to knock her out. Thankfully, Millie was released from the hospital the following day, albeit still wobbly on her feet and in need of rest.

As Millie recovered, she recalled the night’s events, sharing that she only had a few sips of the spiked drink before feeling sick and needing fresh air. The situation rapidly deteriorated, with Millie’s vision blurring and her speech becoming slurred.

Millie Taplin

The nightclub where the alleged incident took place issued advice for patrons, urging them to be present when their drink is ordered and not to leave it unattended. A spokesperson also mentioned that the club is assisting the police in their investigation.

Claire emphasized how fortunate Millie was not to have consumed more of the spiked drink and praised her daughter’s friends for their quick thinking. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the dangers of accepting drinks from strangers and the importance of remaining vigilant during nights out. By sharing Millie’s story, Claire hopes to save others from a similar, or even worse, fate.

WATCH the video below for more details:

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