Before Russia invaded Ukraine about a week ago the idea of a nuclear power invading a neighboring country and then threatening to use their nuclear option if they met resistance barely registered as a concern.

Joe Biden and his team made a statement as they assured us that negotiations and sanctions were going to stop Putin in his tracks.

But what happened after the laughable Biden Team statement was released is the opposite one. These people are becoming so good at gaslighting and saying whatever had to be said at the moment, not realizing if could make polar opposite statements in the same sentence.

Watch the video below, it’s a great example of someone with a sense of humor pointing out the utter stupidity, hypocrisy, and gaslighting of our worthless ruling class:

Watch it here: Don’t walk, Run! Productions/Youtube

Remember when Kamala Harris said:

“The purpose of the sanctions of the has always been and continues to be deterrence but let’s also recognize the unique nature of the sanctions that we have outlined these are some of the greatest sanctions if not the strongest we’ve ever issued.”

Then Biden is seen in the video when he gave those assertive statements on the power of deterrence. This made him into a bald-faced lie by Biden himself:

“No one expected the sanctions to prevent anything from happening. This is going to take time and we have to show resolve..”

Biden and his friends are thinking that American people are stupid. Russia can be deterred. Russia can’t be deterred. Same difference!

The same thing happened about mask and vaccine mandates that they forced to require people. A lot of photos were released showing Biden’s inconsistency himself, at one time he was seen wearing a mask while walking alone across the White House Lawn, then the next day maskless at his State of the Union address, and wearing a mask again at an outside speech in Wisconsin.

And the last one when Dems were “defunding the police” for two whole years but suddenly announced during his SOTU that the answer to the predictable rise in crime was to fund them? It can’t get any more contemptible than that.

Do I still need to include more evidence just to prove how evil these Democrats are?

Sources: 100 Percent Fed Up, The Blue State Conservative

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