This Video From The Carol Burnett Show Is Just As Funny Now As It Was Decades Ago…

Carol Burnett is one of the most celebrated women in television comedy, yet she says only a forgotten clause in her CBS contract allowed her wildly popular variety series, The Carol Burnett Show, to get on the air for 11 years.

Burnett is an actress, comedian, singer, and writer. She gained recognition thanks to the 1959 Broadway play Once Upon a Mattress. She first appeared on television on The Garry Moore Show. She’s perhaps best known for her comedy show, The Carol Burnett Show because she was the first woman to host a show of that kind.

The veteran entertainer was recently featured at the Golden Globes where she received the first annual Carol Burnett Award, she has been involved in the industry for decades. And at 85 years old, she is still as young and spry as she was when her hit show was on CBS.

The celebrity has won a total of five Golden Globe Awards.

There’s no denying the hilarious sketch comedy featured in “The Carol Burnett Show.” For eleven seasons containing 278 episodes, the fabulous actors made us laugh.  Besides Burnett, other featured actors were Harvey Korman, Vicki Lawrence, and Tim Conway.

From AWM:

The clip below centers around Conway, in what has become the most iconic fall in television history. If you never saw this clip, you’re going to see how he could make millions of people laugh without uttering a single word. If that isn’t talent, then I don’t know what is.

Conway is playing Carol’s grandfather. He has on makeup and prosthetics so he can look the part. And as he steps down the stairs into the scene, he starts falling in slow motion. And as you watch, you won’t be able to hold back your laughter.

The scene proves to be so funny that Carol and Harvey Korman cannot hold back the laughter. They have to look away from the camera to avoid breaking character too much.

Watch the video below for more details:

Source: AWM