New Photos circulating in social media of 6’7 Barron is the new “Trump Tower.”

I personally admire President Trump and Melania for doing a great job keeping Barron out of the public eye.

God knows the left is a bunch of unhinged loons and they’ve been attacking that sweet boy since he was just a little tyke

The latest photo of Barron with his beautiful mom Melania has set the internet on fire and everyone who loves him gets very excited when they see a new picture of him. Partly because Barron is so tall! He looks like a KING standing at 6’7 and towering over his 5’11 mom.

Fun Fact, Barron is only 15-years-old.

What Baron had in his hand makes it more interesting…

Check it out:

In the latest photo posted on Twitter, sweet gentlemanly Barron was holding his mom’s extra purse for her.

What a sweet boy…

New York Post reported that teenage former first son Barron Trump was photographed in the Big Apple this week — towering over his 5-foot-11-inch mom, Melania.

The rarely photographed youngest son of former President Donald Trump is already 6 feet 7 inches tall — even though he only just turned 15.

He looked every inch of it on Wednesday when he stood head and shoulders over his mom and their security detail as they were snapped leaving their Manhattan home, the suitably named Trump Tower.

The towering teen, wearing a dark, long-sleeve T-shirt tucked into his jeans, also appeared to show impeccable manners, with the Daily Mail saying he was carrying his mother’s bag for her.

The rare Louis Vuitton x Richard Prince bag cost $3,995 when it was released in 2008, the outlet said — paling in comparison to the $11,000 black Hermes Birkin bag his mom toted.

I just love how close Melania and Barron are. She appears to have done a great job raising that very well-mannered young man.

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