The Seattle Seahawks may no longer have Russell Wilson, but they should have DK Metcalf for a while.

On Thursday, D.K. Metcalf agreed to a massive three-year contract extension with the Seattle Seahawks and apparently had some fun at the organization’s expense while negotiating the new deal.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Metcalf revealed that he never had any intentions of leaving Seattle.

“I was going to be here, as much as I bluffed to (GM) John (Schneider),” Metcalf said with a chuckle. “I wasn’t leaving, just to let you all know. I wanted to be here. I wanted to play here and I’m glad that we got something done.”

The Pro Bowl wide receiver is signing a three-year, $72 million contract extension with $58.2 million guaranteed and a position-record $30 million signing bonus, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

More from The Daily Caller: 

In Metcalf’s three NFL seasons so far, he has been a mismatch nightmare for opposing defenders. The University of Mississippi standout and 2020 Pro Bowl receiver towers at 6 foot 4 inches and weighs over 230 pounds, according to Pro Football Reference. He is one of the best receivers in pro football and is now being paid like it.

According to ESPN, Metcalf recorded 75 receptions, 12 touchdowns, and 967 yards in total for the Seahawks during the 2021-2022 seasonand was one of, if not the best player for the 7-10 Seahawks.

At just 24 years of age, Metcalf’s career is only just beginning and it will be a sight to see.

It will be interesting to see if Metcalf can continue to produce at the level he has during his first three seasons. With Russell Wilson now in Denver, the Seahawks may take a major step back at the quarterback position with Drew Lock and Geno Smith heading up the depth chart.

Sources: Dailycaller, ESPN, NBCsports

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