This May Be the Worst Delivery Job Of All Time And It Cost One Family Over Four Thousand…

In the quiet town of Tallmadge, Ohio, Chad Jones, a loving husband, and father wanted to surprise his family by bringing home a brand new, shiny $4,200 LG refrigerator. He was thrilled to make this grand gesture, and the family eagerly awaited its arrival. Little did they know, their excitement would soon turn into a whirlwind of emotions, thanks to two careless delivery workers and a security camera that would capture it all.

The Jones family, wise as they were, had decided to keep their old refrigerator until the new one was safely delivered and installed. This decision would prove to be quite fortunate, as the story unfolded. On a sunny day, as the neighborhood bustled with life, Chad anxiously watched from his window as the delivery truck pulled into his driveway. His heart swelled with anticipation.

Two delivery workers hopped out of the truck, ready to bring the beautiful, expensive fridge into the Jones’ home. As they unloaded the massive appliance onto a pushcart, Chad noticed something was off. They hadn’t secured the fridge to the cart. He held his breath and continued watching.

As the workers dragged the fridge up the driveway, one of them decided to set it down without the support of his partner. In a heart-stopping moment, the fridge slipped off the dolly and crashed onto Chad’s driveway. The neighborhood fell silent, and Chad’s face turned a deep shade of crimson.

Determined to complete the delivery, the workers picked up the damaged fridge and proceeded to bring it inside. When Chad confronted them about the damage, they tried to deceive him, saying that it was the manufacturer’s fault. Unbeknownst to them, Chad had a secret weapon: his trusty home security camera, which had recorded the entire fiasco.

At that moment, Chad decided to let it go. The damage didn’t seem too severe, and he didn’t want to cause a fuss. However, as time went on, the broken fridge proved to be too much of a burden, and Chad eventually had to get it replaced.

The story doesn’t end there, though. ABC13 Houston obtained the security footage and shared it on YouTube, exposing the delivery workers’ lies and negligence. As the video went viral, viewers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts, advice, and even some humor.

Many were appalled at the workers’ lack of proper equipment and teamwork, while others expressed relief that no one was injured during the incident. They traded stories of their own experiences and offered suggestions for better delivery practices. Some even found humor in the situation, pointing out the relatable reactions of the delivery workers.

“First of all… You should use an appliance dolly for a refrigerator.”

“Thought for a second that he was gonna slip and fridge was gonna fall on him. I’m glad it didn’t.”

“There is a new invention… you may have heard of it.. it is called A STRAP.”

“Ring camera ruined another successful delivery.”

“This is the reason you have two people making the delivery – to avoid things like this!”

“Should have just floored the truck in reverse up the driveway then slam the brakes, the fridge would fly out and probably be in better shape.”

“I’ve been in the moving industry for five years now. Not only have they used the wrong equipment, but they should also have been working together on a large appliance.”

“(At the 21-second mark), the other guy that isn’t pulling the refrigerator is me when my mom brings home food, but I don’t want to seem too excited.”

“This is okay. At least the fridge didn’t crush the man. That item can be replaced.”

WATCH the video below for more details:

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