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When you thought that daycares keep your child safe, well, this video clip will give you a more detailed insight into what’s really happening with your kids in their hands.

I still believed in humanity, and still, believe that most of these caretakers are good people who want to help children grow and learn.

Unfortunately, there are still ruthless people who infiltrate the safe haven for our kids while we are out.

Just like what happened to the babies under the care of a 51-year-old Yamirka Menendez who has been arrested and charged with abuse and aggravated child abuse.

Video footage released by Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department shows how Menendez dropped a one-year-old boy to the ground which resulted in a leg fracture.

The sheriff’s department later reported that the toddler suffered fractures to his tibia and fibula. The boy was seen by doctors who confirmed the fractures.

Watch it here: Youtube/ Fox 13 Tampa Bay

Menendez lied to the investigators saying she “gave all of the kids except one spank on their buttocks” because they were misbehaving.” That was not what happened, right?

Later that same day, Menendez was caught on camera feeding a four-month-old baby. However, she did not do so kindly. Police claim that Menendez “forcefully grabbed and yanked the victim’s right leg and slapped the child several times.”

Meanwhile, Milagros Rodriguez, 52-years-old was there when all these horrible things are happening and she failed to report the child abuse and now facing a charge over it.

She has since been placed on administrative leave.

One parent was really mad, saying” I’m very angry”, parent confirmed saying that her daughter goes to that daycare and she said, She was there every day taking care of my daughter.”

Source: American Web Media

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