The mainstream media wants to avoid giving Donald Trump credit at all costs.

If Donald Trump were walking down the street, just maybe walking to get the Wall Street Journal and a cup of coffee and there was a little girl with her foot stuck in a storm drain that he helped free, CNN would refer to him as a “bystander.” They want to avoid giving him any credit whatsoever.

If for some reason he had an interview with a member of the mainstream media on their airwaves where he came across in a positive light they will do everything short of destroying the hard drive that contains the footage.

President Trump was recently involved in an interview the media was hoping you might miss.

Joe Kernen from CNBC’s interviewed President Trump recently, just in front of the oval office.

Many are claiming this is one of the best sit-down interviews the president has ever had.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness something this great hidden by the mainstream media.

Kernen is impartial with the president and takes the time to question him about the things that really matter to the citizens of America. President Trump’s legitimacy as a leader has already brought so many great things to the table. 

From 100percentfedup: One comment from twitter that’s pretty shocking: …no other U.S. President ever questioned the huge deficits???

In an interview with CNBC’s Joe Kernen about America’s Trade Deficit with China & other countries, President Trump said he asked President Xi Jinping how these huge deficits were allowed so long. President Xi Jinping said no other U.S. President ever questioned it until Trump.

Do you get the feeling that this president is the first one in a long time that puts Americans first?

We especially think President Trump’s comment on the Russia Summit is spot on.

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