Liberals who supported Joe Biden are stunned and disorganized. They adore wearing masks. They are unable to function without the use of masks. It’s their “comfort muzzle” that keeps them hidden behind their masks. They were adamant about never showing their faces again.

And the unthinkable occurred. Their own hero – Joe Biden, a frail, decrepit, inept old man with dementia – destroyed it. The jig is now in full swing. There will be no more masks, either outside or inside. Basement Biden has left the Democrats. There will be no more hiding behind masks. They now have to shower, bathe, shave, apply lipstick, and comb their hair. The “homeless look” is no longer appropriate. What’s a liberal to do? What caused this to happen?

“It’s all about Jimmy Carter, stupid.”

Do you recall the 1970s sitcom “Welcome Back, Kotter”? From 1975 to 1979, it was broadcast on ABC television. The President at the time was Jimmy Carter, the notorious peanut farmer-turned-worst-president-ever. The timing was perfect, that the year 2021 is unmistakably the new 1976.

“Welcome Back, Carter” is the title of the new sitcom, with a touch of dementia thrown in for good measure. Joe Biden plays today’s Jimmy Carter, who is hapless, pathetic, and destructive.

Biden and Carter are so similar in so many respects that it’s almost unbelievable.

Both seemed to be decent people on the surface; both posed as “moderate Democrats”; both turned out to be stumbling, mumbling fools with a desire to kill America through a radical socialist/Marxist/communist agenda. Both embarrass the president’s office thus depressing the American citizens. “America Last” was accepted by both.

The distinction is…

Joe Biden is a demented puppet. It’s obvious that he isn’t even the president. He’s just a stooge for evil forces seeking to destabilize America and capitalism. Barack Obama, Valerie Jarrett, George Soros, the Chinese Communist Party, and the Mexican Drug Cartels are only a few examples.

Take a look around. America is a dumpster fire. Let us count the ways Biden and his puppeteers have wrecked America from sea to shining sea, and across the globe…

Illegal immigrants flood in by the thousands every day, bringing violence, disease, debt, and disaster to the middle class.

And there’s the ever-present threat of inflation. Because of Biden’s crazy spending rate, a big wave of stag inflation is obviously on the way. The producer price index soared to its highest level in history only a few days ago. Biden is transforming the United States into a hybrid of Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and the notorious Weimar Republic.

Gas lines are hours long, and gas prices are skyrocketing. Does this ring a bell? “Welcome Back Carter.”

Then there’s Biden’s planned major tax hikes for individuals, corporations, capital gains, and estates. This comes on the heels of Covid’s financial meltdown. Small companies have run out of money. In blue states, half of all restaurants have closed their doors.

A Biden Great Depression is a foregone conclusion. Only a lunatic will increase taxes at this stage, or a pawn in the hands of America’s adversaries.

And there’s the worldwide garbage fire. Hamas has launched a missile assault on Israel. Taiwanese airspace is being violated by Chinese bombers. Russia has threatened Ukraine with invasion. The US Navy destroyers are being harassed by Iranian gunships.

What would a dementia-affected madman do to distract himself from all the tragedies and disasters he’s caused in just 100 days? It’s time to dig out the WMDs, or “tools of mass distraction,” as they’re known.

That’s why, only a few days ago, Biden and the CDC revealed, almost out of nowhere, that vaccinated Americans no longer need to wear masks indoors or outdoors.

What do you think that means? No one can legally ask you for your private medical records because of HIPAA laws. As a result, no one has the authority to inquire about your vaccination status. As a result, masks are a thing of the past. With a wave of Biden’s magic wand, Happy Days have returned.

Just a few days before, Biden, Dr. Fauci, and the CDC had all stated that vaccinated Americans would continue to wear masks even while outside. According to Dr. Fauci, we

During flu season, masks should be worn at all times. Then suddenly, Voila! No more masks outdoors or indoors. It’s all “science,” don’t you see? It sure is. It’s the science of “Wag the Dog.”

It is voodoo, not science. It shifts by the minute, depending on what Democrats and the media need to hide the helpless, weak, elderly man with dementia, to keep the economy from collapsing, to keep open borders hidden, to conceal the assassination of the middle class. To conceal the American Dream’s demise.

It’s just a ruse to prevent you from paying attention. Part II of the effort to conceal the fact that we are living under Jimmy Carter. “Welcome Back Carter,” as the song goes, except with a splash of dementia thrown in for good measure. That’s why Biden abruptly let us takes off our masks.

This is “The Great Biden Mask Scam of 2021.”


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