People are starting to feel the pain at the pump as oil companies and governments divest themselves of Russian resources and impose sanctions on the country for its military invasion of Ukraine.

Gas prices are continuing to rise across the United States. However, residents of the North Bay’s more rural, coastal areas pay significantly higher fuel prices than residents of the region’s more urban areas

The average gasoline price in the United States according to AAA data has risen by 48 cents increase per gallon in the last months to $4.58 per gallon, the highest level ever. Nearly every state now has an average gas price above $4 per gallon.

But as gas prices continue to rise, setting new records. Some North Coast residents are experiencing high prices than the average price, nearly $8 gas prices per gallon.

According to abc7news, Chevron gas station, in Menlo Park, California, offers a regular gasoline priced at $7.25 per gallon and supreme-grade gasoline priced at $7.75 per gallon.

Many local residents, including 5th District Mendocino County Supervisor Ted Williams, stated they were not shocked by the high costs at the coast’s gas stations.

Gas prices in Southern California are the highest they’ve been in the last decade.

Crude oil price increases, which account for slightly more than half of the pump price, have contributed to rising gasoline prices.

Here’s what the blog post from the American Automobile Association said:

With oil prices remaining elevated, pump prices will follow suit because the cost of crude oil accounts for more than half of the price of each gallon of gas.”

The average price of gas per gallon is $1.61 higher than it was one year ago.

And as Gas prices showed no signs of slowing down, experts predict even higher prices at the pump as the summer of 202 is approaching.

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