More often than not, whenever I begin typing out something that you good folks end up reading, it is something to do with the state of our great nation’s political affairs.

Like mama said though, one thing does not make up everything. Once in a while, you have to step back and look at other things to get a perspective on when folks really deserve a bit of a help-out. I will tell you about those folks in just a minute.

To give you a little bit of insight into where I am coming from, I grew up a latch-key kid whose parents were out of the house more often than they were in it. My two siblings and I somehow managed to get through most of our non-school hours without the aid of others when we really could have needed it at times.

That being said, I know what it’s like to not have things when you really could have needed the help. To make the choice between having one thing and not having another when there wasn’t enough left over. I know what it’s like for life to be hard. I have it good now, but there was a time when I didn’t. Everyone deserves for things to be good, even if only for a moment.

A person’s wedding needs to be the most important thing that can ever, or will ever happen to them. More important than your job title, the title of husband or wife is the one that really matters. I’ve felt this way for a long time, and that’s why when my wife and I were planning an eventual vacation when the world gets back to normal; I stumbled on something that made me think that I need to give some of that good fortune I have had in recent years back.

We were looking through this one site and we saw a link for a wedding getaway sweepstakes. One of the entries was for this couple named Angel and Jackson. They look like a great couple that fits well together but then I started reading some of what Angel wrote and I began to think that whatever I went through as a kid was amateur hour when it came to hard times:

I am one of 5 children who were all put into foster care because of my mother’s drug abuse and in home abuse from multiple boyfriends. Starting at the age of 5 I had to be a caretaker for my other siblings so I had to grow up rather quickly. By the age of 9, I was in and out of foster care until the state emancipated me at age 17.

I remember thinking it was a big deal when I had to make sandwiches for my sisters when I was eleven. This is something that just from reading that one or two lines deserves all the blessings this world has to offer.

The way that Angel talks about the first date with Jackson really lets you know that these two were met for each other despite the first date not going according to plan:

We decided to meet at a winery for dinner. Jackson showed up early as he is known to do because he has a strong stance about not being late to anything. I was not as punctual, unfortunately. I was two hours late to our dinner, and when I got there I finally realized I found a man who thought I was worth the wait. By the time I arrived, the kitchen was closing at the winery, and instead of letting something like this go south we simply gathered our things and moved to the next place to sit and talk for hours.

Shoot, even hearing about the way that Jackson proposed to Angel is something so wonderful, that I think the only way justice could be done to the story would be to let you read here.

These two are an absolutely wonderful couple and would love nothing more than two have their dream wedding. If you could help them out by voting for them by clicking the link here it would be a wonderful thing to do for two wonderful people. Just like we all learned as kids, sometimes doing good is good enough. When you are done reading their story, please Vote for them. It would make their entire wedding something they deserve!

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