It’s typical to encounter items left behind by the previous owner while moving into a new place.

It’s reasonable to say, though, that the majority of people wouldn’t be anticipating finding a Cold War-era bunker “hidden in the master bedroom”.

Jennifer Little, an estate manager gave TikTok users a tour of a bomb shelter that was concealed beneath a manhole cover in the master bedroom of a house in central California in a breathtaking sequence of videos that were recently uploaded to the app, under her @kitty_girl_california account.

Little later confirmed that the mansion was built in 1951, dating the bunker to the Cold War era, and said that at the time, “people were so scared of a nuclear bomb happening on the California coast, especially in central California, because it’s so exposed.” Little’s husband led the exploration charge because she was spooked by the “huge spiders.”

Little describes the abandoned shelter in the video as having two flat bunk beds for sleeping, a bedpan urinal, and glass bottles strewn above. However, a vintage Stauffer’s “Posture-Rest” machine that was well-liked at the time was possibly the most bizarre thing by far. The vibrating chair also referred to as the “Magic Couch,” was marketed as a weight-loss aid in the 1950s. “The shelter has beds and ventilation as well,” Little said.

Jennifer Little

Little went on to describe how the stone foundation of the musty bomb shelter was leaking, the space was disorganized, and it had been covered in dust for more than 70 years, in follow-up posts.

Little said of the abandoned room, “After 50 years it was clearly not weather-tight, but we still found some treasures.”

“I’m not sure why they built it this way,” she explained. “You’d have to leave the shelter to go into the dry storage room.”

Jennifer Little

Little’s videos have had millions of views, with people both fascinated and terrified by her discovery.

“All fun and games until you hear ‘hehehe’ at 2am,” one person wrote.

“All these little hideaways cool when it comes to old houses, but then I think about the ghosts,” another said.

Others said the room could come in handy, especially if Little decided to renovate it.

With one person joked,“Y’all are going to be safe when the zombies come.”

“Restore it and make it a den or something,” another said.

“The sick gaming cave you could build in there would be insane,” one person commented.

Meanwhile, one person was now suspicious about their own home after watching the videos.

“Ours was built in 1947 and I’m pretty sure we have something underneath because the floor on my side of the bed is colder and hollow sounding,” they wrote.

Watch the video below for more details:

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