It’s often said that a plumber’s job can reveal some rather distasteful sights, but when two local plumbers set out to fix a drainage issue in an Ontario residence, they could hardly predict the horrifying truth their work would unearth. The harrowing findings compelled them to involve law enforcement, making a call that would uncover a gruesome crime.

Adam Strong, a 47-year-old Canadian, became the center of a chilling investigation following a plumbing issue in his apartment building. Tenants residing above him had hired plumbers to rectify a blocked drain, but what they discovered upon dismantling the pipes was far from a typical plumbing issue. Instead, a grisly finding forced them to alert the police immediately.

Adam Strong

Crown attorney Bryan Guertin detailed the spine-chilling discovery, “The plumbers pulled out what appeared to be a flesh-like substance.” This unanticipated find left the plumbers with no option but to notify the authorities. This substance was subsequently identified as human remains – those of a missing teenager. Yet, this was only the beginning of the shocking revelations from Strong’s apartment.

Upon the plumbers’ alarming report, Police Constable Kevin Park was dispatched to the site, where he was shown a bag containing more of the gruesome findings. The contents, described as a “fleshy-like substance, maybe 13 to 14 inches long,” led authorities to delve deeper into the matter.

As the authorities responded to the horrifying situation, further investigation revealed the dismembered remains of 18-year-old Rori Hache in Strong’s freezer. Moreover, evidence pointed towards Strong’s involvement in another murder – that of 19-year-old Kandis Fitzpatrick years before.

Kandis Fitzpatrick

A police officer from Durham Regional Police admitted, “I’d never seen anything like this before so I wasn’t sure.” Little did they know that the most horrifying discovery was yet to be made. Upon confronting Strong about the contents of his drainage, he brazenly admitted to murdering and dismembering Hache, directing the officers to the remainder of her body in his freezer.

Adam Strong was subsequently charged with first-degree murder for the death of Rori Hache, who had been reported missing months prior to this gruesome discovery. He was also implicated in the disappearance and murder of Kandis Fitzpatrick, who had vanished nine years earlier and had not been seen since. Despite the charges, Strong pleaded not guilty.

Horrifically, months before the dismembered remains of Hache were found in Strong’s apartment, local fishermen had discovered a torso in Oshawa Harbour. With help from the missing person’s families, the torso was identified as belonging to Hache.

Strong’s sinister actions came under scrutiny only when he attempted to dispose of Hache’s remains, revealed Crown attorney Bryan Guertin. Data from Google confirmed Strong’s presence at Oshawa Harbour a week before Hache’s torso was discovered, suggesting this was when he had dumped it. Soon, the authorities realized they were dealing with not one but two murders.

Following Strong’s arrest, further investigations led to the recovery of the remainder of Hache’s body in his freezer, as he had chillingly indicated. A medical examiner revealed that Hache had sustained multiple injuries, including skull fractures, but due to the state of the remains, an exact cause of death couldn’t be established.

In the horrifying aftermath, forensic evidence showed Strong’s semen on Hache’s body, and her blood in his freezer and on his bedroom walls. Moreover, a large hunting knife, designed for gutting and skinning animals, was found with Kandis Fitzpatrick’s DNA on it, suggesting a second victim.

Adam Strong

Fitzpatrick, who had previously struggled with drug addiction, had disappeared without a trace nine years earlier. Like Hache, her blood was also discovered in Strong’s freezer and bedroom, leading investigators to the chilling conclusion that she too met a similar horrifying end.

Guertin addressed the court, stating, “Ms. Fitzpatrick found the same fate as Ms. Hache.” Both girls had been vulnerable, homeless, and struggling with drug addiction, sometimes resorting to the sex trade to finance their addiction. Rori Hache, tragically, was pregnant at the time of her death.

In the face of such distressing circumstances, Hache’s mother, Shanan Dionne, clarified that her daughter’s addiction or homelessness wasn’t the issue at trial, but rather the horrific way she was discarded. The focus should remain on the grim crime and not the victims’ pasts.

During the trial, five women testified against Strong, alleging that he had sexually assaulted them using a disturbing contraption to bind and restrain his victims. As these gruesome details unfolded, Strong sat emotionless in the courtroom, embodying the true nature of his monstrous actions.

In all fairness, there is no justification for the horrendous acts Adam Strong is accused of committing against these two young women. Regardless of their troubled pasts, Rori Hache and Kandis Fitzgerald deserved a life far removed from the grisly fate they encountered. Labeling them as drug addicts is a poor attempt at victim-blaming, a practice sadly prevalent in courts worldwide. The focus should always be on the crime committed, not the past mistakes of the victims.

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