They Were All There To See A Christmas Recital, Then Everyone Lost It When….

With Christmas just around the corner, the festive build-up is soon to hit fever pitch. I don’t know about you, but for me, one of the best elements of the Christmas season is the pure, unadulterated joy shared by the masses.

When it comes to said joy, there’s nothing quite like festive performances to raise the spirits, which is probably why videos like the one in this article prove as popular as they do.

An adorable video of preschool students at St. Elizabeth Child Care in Jersey City, NJ makes the rounds every year because there’s never been a more entertaining version of “Rocking Around The Christmas Tree.”

Considering their ages, the song choice is apt. Despite her mature voice, musical prodigy Brenda Lee was only 13 years old when the song was recorded. It was written by Johnny Marks and featured the country sound she would later embrace in her musical career.

On the night of the big event, the gym had been decorated for the occasion.

A stage with festive curtains stood at the forefront of the auditorium. It featured a black background hosting homemade, gold-colored stars. Across the center in big white letters read the words: “A CHILD IS BORN”.

For the performance, the children and teacher had decided to wear matching green, Christmas outfits, reminiscent of little Christmas elves. The kids waited patiently while the other classrooms performed their dances and songs. Then finally, when it was their turn, they were guided to their places by the teachers and nuns.

From the moment the curtains are pulled apart to reveal 20 kids, it’s pretty clear that the cuteness factor is going to be on the right side of 100. The pre-schoolers are nervous, and the parents expectantly watch on … it has all the ingredients for a hit.

The choreography for the video is supposed to be one wherein the kids stay in place and follow their rehearsed dance moves.

From AWM:

The next bit of choreography involves the kids pointing out to the audience, then they get low and shimmy upwards, putting their hands to their ears on the lyric “when you hear” and some accompanying arm movements then follow.

Then they’re back to the “rocking” moves and repeating some of the choreography again in the chorus. Notice their teacher in the front row who is giving them all the moves to remember!

During the instrumental break of the song, the kids hold hands and sway side to side before breaking into the chorus moves again. At this point, the audience is pretty taken by all of the cuteness on stage, as parents and family members clap along and sway to the music.

Finally, the kids give a big finish, hands up and waving in the air… and the crowd cheers as the small performers give their bows and the curtain closes.

Watch the kids’ sweetest performance below:

Source: AWM