Seriously? Is there a more insufferable place than Whole Food?

No other place that I can think of that’s more pompous and full of “woksters…”

And trust me, I used to shop there – until it became too progressive to handle.

These liberals literally lost their minds over Trump, before the political lines used to be blurred a bit, but now that Biden came to power the battle lines are very clear.

Everything is political nowadays.

But nothing has been more politicized than the COVID “pandemic.”

Liberals spent FOUR years searching for something to ‘takedown’ President Trump and they believe that they finally found their silver bullet in COVID, so they have this bizarre love/obsession with the virus…so much so, even if they’re vaccinated, they refuse to take off their masks, even though science and the CDC say it’s perfectly fine to do so.

Just look at how perplexed and depressed these somber “Whole Food” shoppers look and behave when they’re confronted with strong, happy mask-free conservatives.

It’s almost like COVID-worshiping liberals have forgotten how to be human beings.

Watch it here: Easy Believism/Youtube

Liberals are treating masks like a progressive security blankie and a way to pay their respects to the virus that took down President Trump.

Source: WayneDupree

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