After learning the truth, a teenage boy went berserk and killed his entire family.

The murder rocked the quiet community of Elkmont, northwest of Huntsville and not far from the Alabama-Tennessee border.

Mason Wayne Sisk, 14, confessed to shooting and killing his entire family at their Alabama home late Monday night, including his 5-year-old sister and two brothers, who were 6 years old and 6 months old, police said.

According to authorities, the boy became aggressive after learning that his mother was not his biological parent, which set him off on a path of destruction. In fact, he is taking out his anger on animals (burning them alive) as well as breaking into his school off-hours.

He also allegedly put peanut butter in his stepmom’s coffee despite knowing she was severely allergic — after he discovered he had been adopted. Mason is also accused of stealing two rings from his stepmom, which he later sold.

Mason Wayne Sisk is charged with killing his family (Limestone County Sheriff’s Office)

His siblings have been identified as 6-year-old Grayson, 5-year-old Aurora, and 6-month-old Colson. Mary Sisk had reportedly worked as a special education teacher at Mountain Gap Elementary in Huntsville.

Prosecutors said Mason Sisk, who is being tried as an adult, had stolen a handgun from his grandmother’s house prior to the gruesome murders. The teenager turned that gun on his family members, shooting them all dead because he had learned that his entire life had been one big lie. All five victims were shot in the head, authorities said.

‘AWM’ added these details from this gruesome murder: 

The maximum sentence that Alabama allows their judges to administer is detention until the teen’s 21st birthday. However, the laws of the Southern state also allow prosecutors to try children as adults if the judge also approves that motion. Since this teenager is clearly a threat to society at large – after going on a killing spree for learning the dark truth about his family – he might make a candidate for being tried as an adult.

However, the cousin of the murderer, Daisy McCarty, noticed the teen acting strangely ever since he learned that his mother was not his biological parent. He had learned the truth about his biological parents at least a week prior to his murdering of his family.

The teen has confessed to the murders. He is assisting investigators with their search for the murder weapon, which was said to be a 9mm handgun. It was not reported where the underage murderer got his hands on the murder weapon.

Source: AWM

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