A popular South Korean DJ claimed she was kicked off an American Airlines flight and “harassed” into taking off her sweatpants in public because they were deemed “inappropriate” and “offensive.”

DJ Soda, 36, whose real name is Hwang So-hee, is a well-known DJ in South Korea and a frequent headliner at Asian music festivals, took to Instagram and Twitter to detail how she was “harassed and humiliated” after boarding an American Airlines flight from New York to Los Angeles.

In her tweet thread about the incident, she stated that the pants were sponsored by RIPNDIP and that she’s “never had an issue” with them before “in my many months of touring in North America.” It was only after DJ Soda got to her seat (and received her business-class drink) that there appeared to be a problem.

“A staff suddenly approached me to pack up my belongings and leave the plane without any kind of explanation,” she tweeted. “As I was escorted off the plane, they claimed that my sweatpants were ‘inappropriate’ and ‘offensive’ telling me that I need to take the next flight.”

According to DJ Soda’s caption, she was told to “pack up” her belongings and “leave the plane” without “any kind of explanation.” It was only after she had been escorted off that they purportedly told her her sweatpants were “inappropriate” and “offensive” and that she would have to take the next flight.

DJ Soda says she further explained that she had an important meeting scheduled in Los Angeles that day and could “not afford to get off” the flight. She “pleaded” with staff to be allowed on, only to be “ignored” and “denied.”

She says she then proceeded to take off her pants and stand “half-naked” in front of the plane’s entire crew. She was finally let back on after she wore her pants “inside out.” She wrote that she was “mortified and trembling in fear” for the six-hour duration of her flight.

“In my 8 years of touring, I have never experienced or been treated unfairly, especially in a country that is known for its freedom of speech and individuality,” she shared. “From now on, I will be boycotting American Air and hope this NEVER happens to anyone ever again.”

In a brief clip that DJ Soda posted of her standing at what appears to be her gate, her manager speaks with a man who appears to be the pilot.

DJ Soda stands silently to her manager’s right, still in her “F*CK YOU” sweatpants, with a mask on and her finger in a cast.

Several colleagues, including DJ Carta, Kinfolk Jon, and Dzeko, voiced their support in the comments. Multiple users also wrote messages critical of American Airlines, with some using the throw-up or angry face emoji.

With 4.3 million Instagram followers, DJ Soda is a well-known South Korean DJ and a major headliner at Asian music festivals. She also has a massive YouTube following with over 1.5 million subscribers.

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The DJ then made a statement that she will be permanently boycotting American Airlines due to the humiliating incident, which had inconvenienced not only herself but the rest of the passengers who were on board. 

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