A nurse has gone viral after she defended herself against trolls for calling her scrubs “inappropriate” because the clothing hugs her figure.

A viral video of a 22-year-old nurse, Erika Diaz, donning form-fitting scrubs that showed off her curvy shape has sparked a range of reactions online.

The 22-year-old became an internet sensation after she shared videos of herself modeling her hospital uniform, a blue top tucked into matching pants, on TikTok.

“I genuinely work two jobs, volunteer, and I’m still in school. I devote my life to the betterment of others, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks,” she declared.

The influencer responded to the trolls and called out those who were calling her body fake in the same video. I’m small and short, she said. You can claim all you want that my body is a phony, but it isn’t. My back issues, please.

Diaz, however, has already deleted the contentious video in response to all the internet criticism.

The scrubs’ ability to be tucked in was also demonstrated in the film by a screenshot of the scrubs’ web advertisement.

Before it was removed, the video had received about 13 million views, and Diaz had mentioned in the video’s caption that some people had a problem with her figure. The nurse explained that she is “short and small” at 5’2″ and 107 lbs. as she defended herself.

“Some people just have an issue with my body not my scrubs and it shows,” she wrote.

“Just for clarification I am 5’2” and 107 lbs. I’m short and little,” she explained. “Y’all can say my body is fake all y’all want, it’s not. Ask my back problems. I literally work 2 jobs, volunteer, and I am still studying,” she added. “I’m devoting my life to the improvement of others and anyone’s opinions are irrelevant.”

The nurse continued to defend herself against the haters.

“I’m literally not wearing makeup, have my nails done, or my hair for that fact,” Erika hit back. “It’s literally just scrubs tucked in so I don’t get stuck.” She added.

Some people questioned whether Diaz was comfortable in the scrubs.

One person wrote: “The uniform should allow mobility.”

“No hate at all, wear whatcha wear, but I thought scrubs had to be loose like for safety?” another person asked. “So you can change quickly if you get something on them?”

Someone else added: “Not inappropriate at [all]. It just looks uncomfortable and that’s only speaking from my experience of it happening to me.”

“It doesn’t look inappropriate just odd. Nurses usually wear loose scrubs to be comfortable,” a fourth person commented.

Meanwhile, others defended Diaz and said that it isn’t inappropriate because that’s how her body fits the clothes and her body is covered.

One person wrote: “She can’t help it that she’s snatched, let a fine woman live.”

“Can’t change what you have, doesn’t make it inappropriate,” another person said.

Someone else added: “Y’all wouldn’t have a problem with it if she had A cups.”

“Everyone has a different body type and clothes can fit differently for everyone so it’s not anyone’s place to judge her wearing normal scrubs,” a fourth person replied.

Watch the video below:

Sources: AWM,  New York Post

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