Two parents have been charged with child cruelty after leaving their two-year-old daughter in a locked car in below-freezing weather while they went skiing at a resort in Vermont where they both work.

Katelynn Brent, 21, of Hampton, New York, and Cory Ahern, 29, face charges of cruelty to a child. Brent also faces charges of driving under the influence. Both are employed by the resort, police said.

Thankfully, Good Samaritans noticed the toddler locked in the car and called the police to report the abuse. Cops arrived and rescued the little child from the vehicle as temperatures dropped to twenty-eight degrees Fahrenheit

On February 8, police were called to a parking lot at the resort for a report of a child being left alone in a car while the parents were allegedly skiing. A short time later, police found the vehicle traveling on East Mountain Road and conducted a traffic stop.

Police said they suspected Brent, who was driving the car, of being impaired by alcohol. She was then arrested. Police said her BAC was 0.101%.

More Details of the case were shared on Facebook by the police department.

Brent and Ahern initially denied allegations that they had left their child unattended and Brent was “released with a citation to appear in court at a later date.”

Investigations into the couple found that they were both employees of Killington Resort and had been given ski passes through work.

It was then found that the pair had “accessed loading lift gates 10 times” during the day in question.

Following this, Killington Police said, the parents “admitted their involvement in leaving their child alone in their vehicle while skiing.”

Both Brent and Ahern said that they “checked on the child immediately” after they had completed each run.

The Killington Police Department shared a news update about the arrests on Facebook, which sparked outrage from people across the social media platform.

“They should be ashamed of themselves!!!” wrote Janeen Anne Jarvis-Lunna as a Facebook comment on the police department’s post. “Wonder how many times they have put their child in danger. This just happened to be the time they were caught. How many times was this child left in the vehicle while the parents chose to put him in many dangerous situations so they could have fun! Shame on them.”

Source: AWM

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