The employees at the senior home where he was a resident decided to take some liberties with the elderly man’s most valued possession, leaving him sadly pleading, “Don’t make me weep, please.” However, you don’t want to miss the result in a video.

Frank Grasberger guards his most valuable item closely. Nearly nothing is more important to the 95-year-old than the note that he always carries, aside from his wife Delores. It was a gift that meant the world to the WWII veteran and immediately became his most prized item.

Dashauna Priest’s letter to WWII veteran Frank Grasberger

The letter is just a “thank you” note from a young girl, but the Strongsville, Ohio resident took the letter with him everywhere he went for 12 years. The letter that was received by the veteran really affected his heart so deeply.

“I’d never be without it,” he said. “Because it’s something that somebody thought of me that much.”

Dashauna Priest, age 9, was the author of the letter to Frank, thanking him for his service during World War II, where he participated in the Battle of the Bulge. The note began, “Dear WWII Veteran.”

“If it wasn’t for you, we would never have freedom. I’m so happy you made sacrifices.”

At the top, the then-third-grader drew a military helmet and an American flag. “Your friend, Dashuana Priest.”

To Grasberger, that simple thank-you came to symbolize a life well served. “I’m tickled to death that I have a letter like this,” he said.

He added that he’s never without a note. “Because it’s something that somebody thought of me that much.” The letter serves as a symbol that his time in service and war meant something to someone. And his wife Delores also added that the letter gives him a sense of “faith, trust, and love.”

It meant so much that he wanted to thank the author. “We never could find her. He says, ‘Before I close my eyes I have to find her. I have to find her,'” Delores said.

Frank Grasberger

The veteran was eager to help find the young girl and express her gratitude for her thoughts. But he never managed to locate her, despite his best efforts. When Grasberg entered a nursing facility, he proudly carried his letter with him but still hoped to locate her before it was too late.

So, the staff did some sleuthing. Grasberger’s attachment to the letter and his ten-year search for the girl who wrote it was well known to almost everyone who works at the senior care facility.

Grasberg eventually got his wish.  Thanks to Jill Pawloski, the services director at the Vitalia Senior Residences in Strongsville, Ohio.

Jill found Dashauna Priest, who had grown up, via social media. The priest has turned 21. She distinctly recalls composing the letter for a class project since she greatly respected those who wore uniforms. She stated that it was an honor to write the letter. “It was an honor to write the letter,” the now 21-year-old said. Soldiers always held a special place in her heart. In fact, she admired veterans so much that when she grew up, she joined the National Guard.

Once Priest heard how much he wanted to meet her, she decided to make a trip to see him in Strongsville, Ohio. So, he surprised him.

Frank Grasberger became tearful as he was reunited with the little girl who wrote him a thank-you letter 12 years before.

In a tearful and beautiful meeting, Frank recounted Priest as he finally got to meet the little girl who is now all grown up.

“Don’t make me cry, please. Honest to God. Oh, I love you so much. I really do. You don’t know how long … I pray every night with this thing, I really do,” he continued becoming teary-eyed. “This is a godsend, it really is.” Grasberg said.

“You can’t imagine the feeling I had when she stood next to me. It just took my breath away, it really did,” he added.

“I thought, ‘Where’s his heart pills?’ Because I thought, ‘This is it! This is the big one!'” Delores joked.

Fortunately, Grasberger’s heart only swelled. And it may never return to its old size. The priest said Grasberger is now family.

“There’s love there, deep down in the heart. She’s like my third daughter, she really is,” Grasberger said.

“It started with a lot of love and affection,” Delores said, “And it’s ending the same way.”

Staffers caught the reunion on camera and writer and fellow veteran Travis Akers posted the emotional event on social media.

Watch the video below for more details:

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