Losing anything is always a dreadful feeling. The anxiety of needing to replace everything you lost is ultimately put to rest by the wave of relief.

Finding a lost wallet requires a lucky break, but discovering a wallet that has been missing for 71 years is a major coup!

A weird object was discovered in the floorboards of Iowa’s Talent Factory Theater, a historical site that has stood there since the early 1920s.

Larry Sloane was doing renovations on the old theatre he owns when workers found something under the floorboards on the third floor.

Workers could not believe what they found in this old theatre and neither could the owner of the long-lost item.

Workers uncovered a mysterious object. When they looked inside at all its contents, they were floored. It must have lain there, wedged in between the floorboards for a long time.

As they began to tear down the walls and floors for the reconstruction, they noticed something sticking out from under a floorboard. “How odd,” they all thought, but still went ahead with their work. As they began to pull more floorboards apart, the mysterious object was in full view.

They discovered a pocket calendar from 1944, an old boy scout card, faded pictures, and food ration stamps from World War II inside. The wallet’s age was beyond belief, yet all that remained was for them to identify its owner.

What are the odds that 71 years later its owner could be located?

All they needed to know was revealed by a handwritten ID. The name “Clare MacIntosh” and contact information were handwritten on the car, along with a basic “8” for a phone number.

Unbelievably, Larry (a former investigator) only required that to find Clare McIntosh. When Larry called Clare, 85, for the first time, he informed him that he hadn’t lost his wallet. But when the two finally met and Clare saw the wallet he’d lost when he was only 15 years old, the memories started to flood back!

Watch it here: Youtube/KCCI 8

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