Dr. Fauci the so-called “science” is now nowhere to be found. This is after a couple of bad polls and midterm rolled up came in that made him disappear and literally gone.

Fauci was always present on CNN before, but now we could no longer remember that last time we have seen him with the network.

It seems like the Biden Administration is controlling the programming at CNN, right after they announced that COVID was over, Fauci also ended his connection with the network.

And now the media already excluded Fauci, it came to my mind what is he up to now? Is he preparing a new plague in his Chinese laboratory?

The same thing also made one conservative journalist Jordan Schachtel wonder. So tracked down Fauci and reports that the little tyrant hasn’t stopped going on TV, but now he’s relegated to lowly “local television,” and low-level streaming shows.

Fauci is indeed desperate for attention. He was seen recently in an interview with a low-budget streaming show called “Woke AF” .

And according to Jorda, Fauci looked and sounded like a “broken man,” and was ranting about how the unvaccinated are a “threat” to society.

Here’s an excerpt from Jordan’s report from Substrack:

If you’re looking for the infamous Dr. Anthony Fauci, you might want to check your local television stations, or some random YouTube channels, because the man has seemingly joined the primetime cable milk carton.

I had to dig pretty deep to find some of his recent media appearances, but I didn’t want to let you all down, so I persevered through the interwebs to find evidence of Fauci’s existence.

He recently appeared on an online streaming show called “Woke AF” (As F**K),  in which he expressed his disdain for the unvaccinated. In a clip featured by the show host on Twitter, Fauci rants that the unvaccinated have no respect for greater society. Fauci, who comes off as a broken man, channeled plenty of his regular pseudoscience, claiming that the unvaccinated “give the virus the opportunity to circulate among us.”

I also found a recent Fauci appearance on a D.C. local TV channel. In it, Fauci demands “money now” for his government department, seemingly trying to shake down lawmakers for his pet projects.

In another recent local TV hit, Fauci demands that people continue to adopt the COVID hysteria mindset. “I don’t think people should get the impression that we’re saying that this is all over,” a visibly distraught Fauci told the host. “We’re going to be dealing with SARS-CoV-2 for quite a while.”

What a sad state of affairs this is for the man who calls himself “sCiEnCE.”

This is where Fauci exactly belongs, to local news and obscure/low-budget streaming channels. He should have never been in charge.

If he wanted to be a “player” he should have been one of MANY on a team of doctors with differing points of view and varying ideas for how to handle the virus.

The truth is now revealing. I’m still hoping this wouldn’t be the last we see Fauci, I know you would want him seated before a House and Senate panel answering really tough questions under oath, and then I’d also like to see him in an orange jumpsuit behind bars.

What Fauci is experiencing now is huge torture for him. Just imagine a man like him that has a giant ego, being banished from the kingdom he attempted to build for him but failed is a huge disappointment for him.

Sources: Wayne Dupree, Substrack

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